Multichannel Customer Support

Support your customers across channels

Your customers have moved on, across channels

Now it's time for your customer support

Traditionally, customer support has always been a reactive role. It used to be acceptable to wait for customers till they started screaming out their issues. Letters gave way to emails and support phone lines, but things were still the same. Support teams were the fire-fighters of the company, the guys who jumped in only when there was a flame.

And then, things changed. Today, customers expect you to be there, even before they have a problem. Customers are more likely to vent their frustrations on their favorite social networks, than wait for you on the old school channels. And that means we need to rethink our customer service strategy, again.

Get in control of the traditional email support

Of course, your customers still want to talk to you when they have a problem. And it's critical that you keep them happy, and coming back to you over and over. Freshdesk lets you ticket every support conversation, whether it’s an email, or a complaint on your website and resolve it before it’s time for you to go home. In fact, you can even go a step further and have the ticket categorized, prioritized and assigned to the right agent in your team.

Every support email matters, ticket them all and be on top of your helpdesk

Multichannel customer support solution that includes live-chat
Real time chat, at the push of a button

Most of your customers don’t spend a lot of time reading through documentation, and they don’t want to wait for hours to get an answer from you. So how about giving them quick answers and solutions even as they are reading through your website or support portal? Freshchat, Freshdesk’s live-chat solution, lets you engage your customers in real-time and take care of their problems right there. Instant answers, bonus points, and not to mention, some good karma too for being there.

Set up Freshchat in your website in seconds

Your very own call center, minus the complications

If you are running a helpdesk to take care of everything, you’d probably want to bring in your phone calls and keep tabs on everything from the same place. Freshfone, our integrated voice telephony system, lets you take, distribute and keep track of every phone call that comes into support. Just buy a number and you can set things up in no time. And guess what? You get to use it across all our plans for free!

Buy a Freshfone number and get talking

Go social with your customers

Sometimes customers are like little children, throwing their fists up in public just so they get their due attention. At other times, they are like the Incredible Hulk, smashing through your inventory, reputation and pride. In either case, Freshdesk lets you have your eyes and ears out on social media, so you can give every message on your Facebook brand page, and every tweet from an angry customer a fairy tale ending.

Be proactive. Manage customer frustrations on social media, like a boss

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