Automate repetitive tasks

Save time by setting up pre-defined answers for common questions. Routine tasks such as changing ticket properties, adding tags and sending status replies can be performed at one go.

Get the most important tickets done first

Have priority automatically assigned to tickets in the helpdesk based on source, subject or customer as you define, and automate reminders for agents before those SLAs are breached

Enable collaboration for fast resolution

Chat with teammates on tickets in your helpdesk using  Freshconnect to find the best solutions to customer queries without losing context or having scattered conversations across various apps.

Benchmark performance and identify goals

Measure agent performance and identify areas for improvement so they can meet performance targets using reports and dashboard.

Streamline efforts and prevent duplication

Freshdesk detects and displays when agents collide on a ticket, so that agents know not to pick up support requests that are already being worked on.

Facilitate focus and efficiency in support

Automate workflows

Use Scenarios to execute multiple actions on tickets with a single click.

Smart notifications

See notifications for all relevant helpdesk activity within your helpdesk.

Efficient search

Search your helpdesk and filter out results by agent, group, status or priority.

Reward the best agents

Set up scoring mechanisms, quests and leaderboards to gamify customer support.

Automatic refresh

Read updated versions of tickets and receive alerts regarding changes before you send replies.

Custom ticket view

Save custom ticket views to get a clear picture of which tickets you need to work on.