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Support Customers, Not Spam!

Supporting customers shouldn't be like shooting in the wind

You need a Support Ticket System

When the tides are great, your customers pour in with tips, ideas and questions. When the going gets tougher, your customers have doubts, problems and issues. In either case, the only way to play is by keeping your customers happy. With the clock already ticking, and your customers expecting you to be there and wow them with a support experience across phone, email, social media, and just about every other channel, the second best way to actually keep your customer support afloat is by hiring a team of magical elves. The best way, though, is by getting a smart enough support ticket system in place that automates, manages and makes sure supporting customers is a breeze, no matter where they are, or what their problem is.

But, isn't any clunky support ticket system good enough?

The short answer is No. The long answer is, any system which reminds you of high school trigonometry is probably a terrible thing (unless you are a high school trigonometry teacher). To give your customers a support experience that keeps them coming back, you need a system that does everything you need today, and the things you'd want to do tomorrow. Only better. Like moving across channels, building a brand community, and proactively supporting customers even before they come to you. 

Close Support Gaps by Trouble Ticketing

Trying to create a customer support process without an organised support ticketing system at the back, is like attempting to make Mozzarella without a water buffalo. A powerful ticketing system should be able to convert customer complaints into trouble tickets that your team can get working on, mark updates, and resolve, all the while keeping the customer in the loop.

What you need is a ticketing system that goes beyond the call of duty

Kill the chores with Smart Automations

But with all the greatness of a support ticket system, it's still almost impossible to get everything you want done without some helper elves running around. An automated support ticket system lets you just focus on the things you need to, and automates all the chores, like managing Service Level Targets and escalations, categorizing and dispatching tickets, and following up with customers when you need their inputs.

Kill the chores, become a pro with helpdesk automations

Multi-channel Support to go where customers go

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know your customers are probably talking about you on social media already. Your support team can't wait for customers to come to them anymore. But making your support reps jump tabs, check on social media updates and still keep their email and phone support going isn't easy. A powerful support ticket system should be able to bring in all customer issues into one place, no matter where they have a problem. 

Your customers are talking to the world, make sure you're listening!

Integrated Knowledge Base

Your Knowledge Base is the one stop guide for all your customer's doubts, FAQs and How-To's. It's like the source and sink of your entire support team's combined insights, tacit information and best practices. A smart support ticket system should help you build and maintain a separate knowledge base, and keep it updated too.

Make sure your genius is stored for the newbies as well, stack up the Knowledge Base

Make supporting customers fun

When you wake up to frustrated tickets, angry customers and irritated phone calls every day, things can turn out to be a little stressful. Supporting customers isn't really fun most often, but a smart support ticket system should be able to make it one. A great system should be able to help align customer support reps to the core business objectives at hand, and give them a reason to play their best game every day, with every ticket.

Bring on the competition, turn up the volume on your support through Freshdesk Arcade

What makes Freshdesk the perfect Support Ticket System?

Freshdesk packs all the power you need to deliver an exceptional support experience, into an intelligent support ticket system. Your entire team gets to manage and respond to support queries from one place, without stepping on each other's toes. With best-in-class ticketing capabilities, automations and an obsessive focus on agent productivity, supporting customers couldn't get any easier. 

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