Moderate from a single inbox

Track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with one universal inbox. Use Agent Collision Detection to ensure that agents don’t wind up working on the same ticket.

Manage communications from one support email
Multichannel support from one Inbox

Assign tickets automatically

Automatically categorize and prioritize tickets so that agents can start resolving customer issues quicker. Assign tickets to agents with matching proficiencies through Skill Based Assignment.

Route tickets to right agents automatically
Automatic ticket assignment

Modify tickets with a click

Perform multiple actions on a ticket, such as changing its status or adding a tag, with just a single click by using the Scenario Automation feature in Freshdesk.

Find out how to automate common workflows
Automate routine steps in your helpdesk

Get more out of your support ticket system

Provide more context for agents

View previous issues raised by a customer through the Requester widget. Ticket Activity History shows you a snapshot of all ticket-related activities.

Use canned responses

Insert pre-formatted reply templates into your support ticket replies. Make them personal with placeholders for dynamic text like the customer’s name.

Insert solution articles

Search your knowledge base for any existing articles related to the issue, and insert helpful solutions into your ticket replies.