What is a shared inbox?

A shared inbox, also known as a shared mailbox or team inbox, is an email account set-up that allows multiple people to receive and send emails from a single email address such as support@yourcompany.com. 

In addition to exchanging emails, you can also use a shared inbox as a basic customer management system - to store contacts and integrate it with other applications. It is, therefore, a suitable tool for many customer-facing teams, especially customer support. 

Depending on your team size and requirements, you can choose to use your Gmail account as a shared inbox, or upgrade to a more streamlined email-based helpdesk software like Freshdesk.


Benefits of using a team email inbox

A shared inbox serves as an ideal email management software for three main reasons:

  • Budget-friendly

In the initial phase of your business, you might not have the resources to purchase a tool for customer engagement exclusively. So converting your existing mailbox into a shared email inbox is an easy and cost-effective way to engage with your customers.

  • Perfect for small teams

A one-person army or a group of few might not require a complex system, mainly when the number of customer emails exchanged are a handful. A basic, straightforward email shared inbox is enough to keep your team on the same page without any lapses in communication.

  • Secure and safe

Each member of your team can access your shared inbox using their credentials. When agents log in using their details, their names are captured in each reply. This helps improve accountability without compromising on security.

How to select the right shared inbox software

With many shared inbox solutions such as Outlook and Hiver available today, choosing the right one for your customer support team might be confusing. It helps to remember that a good team inbox will enable you to:

  • Assign ownership of customer emails
  • Categorize and prioritize email requests easily
  • Set up different email inbox views
  • Access customer information
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Generate reports to monitor performance

While you might have certain unique requirements, you can use the points above as a checklist to narrow down on the perfect shared inbox solution for your team.


Why choose Freshdesk?

A shared inbox might be enough to handle customer emails when you’re starting out. However, as your business scales, using a shared inbox to manage a high volume of customer interactions will be cumbersome. Without a streamlined way to track who is working on what, view recent customer replies, or collaborate within and across teams, it’s going to be impossible to stay on top of all customer conversations using a shared inbox. 

On the other hand, Freshdesk enables email-based ticketing by bringing together a shared inbox, a knowledge base, collaboration and process optimization capabilities to help your team be more productive and create better customer experiences. 

Freshdesk allows you to:

Manage customer emails more efficiently

Using multiple color codes to track the progress of emails can sometimes confuse agents and cause delays in resolutions. Freshdesk helps you centralize communication by automatically converting incoming emails into tickets that can be categorized, prioritized, and assigned effortlessly.

Easy customer service email management

Improve team collaboration and resolve issues faster

In customer service, teamwork is essential to solving complex customer issues.

Freshdesk offers a collaborative workspace where agents can discuss, drop internal notes, and share ownership of tickets with experts from your organization to find the best solutions for customer issues. 

Agent collaboration in shared inbox

Streamline processes and optimize efforts

Completing repetitive processes manually can bog down agents and affect their productivity. Spending time on ‘busy work’ also impacts key metrics like average response and resolution times that affect customer experience. Freshdesk enables you to ease agent bandwidth by getting the mundane tasks out of the way using workflow automations that run on different triggers, including keywords and SLA breaches.

Workflow automations for email management

Prevent duplication of effort

Responding multiple times to a single query can confuse customers. Freshdesk prevents duplicate replies by informing agents when a ticket is already being worked on using an in-built functionality. Agents can also save responses and email templates to answer FAQs with a click instead of typing the same messages repeatedly.

Reduce repetitive work in your email team inbox

Offer intuitive self-service

Most customers today are happy to resolve issues on their own. Launch a comprehensive knowledge base with frequently asked questions and help guides to enable your customers or email clients to find answers on their own.

A knowledge base is even helpful in freeing up your team’s bandwidth to pick more complex questions.

Deflect incoming email tickets

Track and measure progress

Reporting and analytics help you understand if you are on the right track and spot loopholes in your strategy that need to be fixed.

Leverage Freshdesk's one-click reports and dashboards to get real-time insights on team performance and customer satisfaction, and fine-tune your email management strategy.  

Customer service email reporting and analytics

Extend capabilities with app integrations

Equip your agents with more tools and insights to deliver great customer service by integrating with your CRM, G Suite, project management, bug-tracking software, or any other tool your team finds use for using one-click integrations and flexible APIs.

Marketplace apps for a shared inbox

Maximize on efficiency

Filter for relevance

Create personal views to quickly access tickets that are assigned to you or need your inputs.

Expand your channel mix

Start supporting your customers on their preferred channels including Facebook, and Twitter.

Group tickets with tags

Tag tickets to add another layer of categorization and make analyzing support trends easier.