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Ticketing System

Never miss another conversation

Get Smart with Best-in-class Ticketing Capabilities

Stop fire-fighting with your email based support

More customer conversations die lonely and hungry in a support rep's mailbox than in all other places combined. Email is a great place to pass across information. But when your support threads start growing, a purely email-based support system gives you no visibility into which tickets you need to work on first, who else is working on the problem, or what you should be doing about the problem. Things that a sufficiently smart ticketing system can help you with right off the bat.

With best-in-class ticket management capabilities in Freshdesk, you get to keep track of which conversations need your inputs right now, and which ones can wait. And since every support conversation is now logged right inside the customer's ticket, you know who else from your team has been working on this one, and what they said.

Mark, assign, resolve and move on

When you are in the heat of supporting customers, you need to know which tickets need your inputs, and which ones are waiting for your customers to get back. Freshdesk lets you track the progress of a ticket, right from the moment it is opened, all the way through resolution and closure. You even get to categorize issues and make sure they are filed in the right buckets. And when your hands are full, you can assign a ticket to other agents and let them win the love of your customers too.

Take your eyes off the clock, make your helpdesk track time

Automate the housekeeping

When you're supporting customers there's just one thing you really want to do - give them an experience they will love. But when you have to run around sending mundane notifications and shoot the same replies over and over, things can get a bit monotonous. And terribly boring. Freshdesk lets you automate all the things in your support that you don't love doing, so you can focus on the things you do.

Automate every repetitive task, focus only on what matters most

Get insights from your inbox

So when was the last time you got any useful intelligence from your email? Chances are, never. With Freshdesk, you get to pull out insightful reports and identify what kind of issues you keep getting over and over again, where your biggest support bottlenecks creep, and who your best players are. All the stats, numbers, graphs and insights you need to identify and align your customer support with business. And with integrated game mechanics in Freshdesk Arcade, you even get to make sure your whole support has fun while they're at it. 

Find out which agent or solution is faring better, pull out reports anytime, anywhere

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