Save time on prioritization and assignment

Set ticket priorities automatically based on their importance. Also automate the assignment of tickets to agents based on their expertise to improve accountability.

Automate ticket priortization and assignment

Set and deliver on customer expectations

Standardize service across your support team using service level agreements. Manage escalations, priority support or any custom support workflow by creating custom SLAs.

Design smart workflows with multiple SLAs
Set SLAs to maintain service standards

Use one platform for all your conversations

Manage customer interactions over channels like email, phone, live chat, and on social media like Facebook and Twitter, all in a single place.

Master multi-channel customer support
Multichannel customer support

An online ticketing system to transform your support

Track and measure your support

Generate or schedule reports to help you spot bottlenecks, recognize performance, track customer happiness, monitor service standards and more.

Unify how you access information

Show contextual information to agents on tickets by integrating all the tools you use like your CRM or your marketing tool with Freshdesk.

Streamline work with ticket views

Prioritize work easily using filters to sort issues by importance or any relevant ticket property and save ticket views for future use.