What is an online ticketing system?

An online ticketing system streamlines how you communicate with your customers. Unlike email, it does not require the set up of multiple folder structures and color coded tags to prioritize and track relevant customer queries. It brings in customer conversations from multiple channels like phone, email, and social media into a single, easily accessible location where you get all the context you need. A good helpdesk ticketing system also lets you automate routine support tasks to increase the efficiency of your team and reduce excessive workload.

What are the benefits of a web ticketing system?

Offer omnichannel communication

A good helpdesk ticketing system provides a common platform for handling all customer conversations. You can manage customer interactions over channels like email, phone, live chat, and social media, all in a single place.

Increase efficiency with automation

With a ticketing software, automating routine tasks to improve your team’s productivity is a breeze. From assigning tickets to a particular agent, to creating preset responses for frequently asked questions, to defining escalation rules if deadlines aren’t met, a helpdesk makes it all easy.

Make self-service easier for customers

A support ticketing system should have an in-built knowledge base that lets you publish detailed solution articles and resources which customers can use to find important information about your product. This will also reduce their need to reach out to your support team every time.

Track and measure your support

With a good ticket management software, you can monitor your team’s performance seamlessly. Using comprehensive reports, you can identify problems faster, recognize good or bad performance, track customer satisfaction and monitor service standards.

Extend your helpdesk’s capabilities

It is important for a help desk ticketing system to be integrated with solutions like CRMs, project management software, email marketing tools and/or team collaboration software. This will help support agents access relevant customer data right inside the helpdesk.

Increase customer loyalty

With a well-organized customer support process, the courtesy of an online ticketing solution, it becomes easier to improve customer experience. These customers will be loyal to your brand, and will spread the word about their positive experiences.

Features to look for in a ticketing system

Choosing the right ticketing system that caters to your unique ticketing workflows can be quite challenging. Here's a list of all the features you need to look for while choosing a ticketing system, and a quick overview of why Freshdesk’s SaaS-based ticketing system is one of the most refined solutions out there.

Streamline work with ticket views

Find out which tickets need your attention the most by creating customized ticket views. In your ticket view, you can set up multiple filters depending on different ticket properties like priority, status, type, company name and more. You can also save a particular ticket view for future use.

Streamline work-new and open tickets

Automatically prioritize and assign tickets

You can automate repetitive tasks including routing support requests, updating ticket status across the ticket lifecycle, and following up on customer requests with collaborators across and even outside your company. You can create workflows based on different parameters such as customer’s location, the language they’re using, or even based on the subject line of their email, and resolve issues faster. 

Automatic ticket assignment and workflow automations

Manage SLAs and meet deadlines

Standardize service across your support team using service level agreements. Freshdesk lets you set SLA policies for the time within which agents should respond to and resolve tickets. You can even automatically remind agents or escalate issues to managers whenever SLAs are not met.

SLA Policies in a ticketing system

Capture relevant customer information

With Freshdesk’s customizable ticket forms, you can tweak the fields in a ticket to collect information from customers that will help you understand the issue better. You can add new fields or modify existing ones and ensure your ticket form collects all the relevant data required.

Ticket Fields

Avoid repeating someone else’s work

Freshdesk has agent collision detection features to prevent multiple agents from working on the same support ticket. An agent will be notified whenever there’s another agent viewing or typing a reply on the same ticket. The agent can then quickly move on to other tickets without having to needlessly do repetitive work.

Agent collision in Freshdesk, a ticketing software

Save replies to common questions as reusable templates

To save time on responding to common questions, Freshdesk lets you create canned responses. Your agents can insert canned responses in one click, without spending time typing manual replies. You can even organize these responses into folders and share them with agents for consistency in handling common issues.

Canned responses

What else can you do with Freshdesk?

Deflect incoming tickets

Launch a range of self-service options that customers can use to find answers on their own.

Get real-time insights

Monitor important metrics using live dashboards, one-click reports, and customizable analytics.

Collaborate with context

Offer faster resolutions by looping in the right people, dropping notes, and sharing ticket ownership. 

A cloud ticketing system that’s popular across industries

Retail and ecommerce

Deliver proactive support, publish a branded help center, integrate with 650+ apps including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, payment and delivery solutions, to offer a unified customer experience. 


Travel and hospitality

Launch intuitive self-help options for 24/7 support, and reach customers on their favourite applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and LINE using Freshdesk.



Manage student communication, publish a student and faculty portal for self-service, and enable support teams for payroll, student systems, admin to work seamlessly with each other using Freshdesk. 

Banking and finance  

Offer real-time assistance across channels, and securely digitize legacy banking processes to automate due diligence and background checks to engage in safe and secure customer conversations.



Maintain end-to-end digital patient communication, send proactive reminders to reduce no-shows, and streamline billing and insurance processes with a HIPAA-compliant helpdesk.



Resolve customer enquiries from e-commerce platforms, effortlessly manage field agents and last-mile delivery, collaborate internally and with third-parties, and access billing and time-tracking applications like Xero, Quickbooks — all from one place.