Time Tracking

Track Time Spent Supporting Customers

The closest we got to time machines.

Mark, track and report on time

So you've slogged twenty seven hours running through log files, recreating issues and troubleshooting one of your customer's miseries. And at that moment it looks like you've done quite a lot, and the customer is happy. But at the end of the month, when you send them a status report, and want to bill them for all the time you've spent supporting them, you start getting bombarded with issues. The only problem is, it's been weeks since you put in that all-nighter, and neither you nor your customer remembers exactly what you did back then.

Time-trackers in Freshdesk let you log the time you spend on a ticket, add notes, and even mark the time entry as billable. That way, you just need to pull out a time-sheet at the end of the month, and all your magic is tracked and ready.

Auto-start the clock as soon as you get busy

With in-built Start/Stop timers, Freshdesk lets you focus on your work, while it silently keeps track of the time you spend on each task or ticket. And with a whole bunch of popular invoicing applications integrated with your Freshdesk account, you can invoice customers for the time your team spent supporting them. 

Generate Time Sheet Reports on the fly

You no longer need an analyst to do all the number crunching for you. Time Sheet reports in Freshdesk allow you to quickly generate the entire time log for one or multiple clients. Get the big picture on time spent and even compare Billable vs. Non Billable work done by each agent.

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