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A breath of fresh air in the world of online helpdesk systems. We are very satisfied with Freshdesk, and with the responsiveness of the team behind it.
Nadav Elyada
The integration with Google Apps has been very helpful in getting our user population to make use of the ticketing system.
Freshdesk is an absolute pleasure to use and requires no training to get agents up and running. The basic package does everything we need.
Richard Jaques Cotswold Web Services
Great customer service! I needed to be able to bcc outgoing messages. I sent an email and they added the feature within a week! I've used Zendesk extensively and much prefer the interface and features of Freshdesk.
Sam Westwood
We can automatically or manually assign tickets to appropriate agents, make internal notes, and even guide agents with internal solutions. We also found FreshDesk more intuitive and less expensive than competitors!
Alissa Head
Freshdesk's integration with Jira has enabled us to seamlessly connect our customer support team with our product & development teams. A brilliant addition to an already impressive service.
Tom Beck Rightster Ltd
I had tried pretty much all of the big Help Desk solutions; Zendesk, Assistly etc but nothing compares to the user friendliness I am enjoying with Freshdesk. Even my less technical staff have adapted well and are enjoying the benefits.
Tom Boothroyd
Fantastic tool, Incredible support, Unbeatable Price! FreshDesk is an enterprise level ticketing system at a fraction of the price of other systems currently on the market.
Scott Bowler
It is simple to set-up, it has most of the functionality we need for our support set-up. I particularly like the email messaging and the portal functionality (both from help desk and customer side). I have looked at other similar products and in my view Freshdesk was the best value for money!
Alec Farquharson Aviolinx Communications & Services AB
Just what our startup needs - affordable price with multi-brand support. As we were exploring the right helpdesk solution for our startup we were looking for an affordable solution; with multi-brand support; covering all the essential functionalities for supporting our apps. Glad we picked Freshdesk that ticks all the boxes and at a great price. Just what our startup needs.
Krish Subramanian

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