Engage in customer conversations —  anytime, anywhere

omnichannel omnichannel
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Engage in customer conversations —  anytime, anywhere

Offer real-time assistance remotely

Manage conversations across email, chat, phone, web, and social media on your helpdesk from wherever you are - all you need is a laptop or a cellphone.

omnichannel omnichannel
Automate routine workflows

Let your support operations run on autopilot while you focus on having meaningful conversations.

Deflect common customer questions

Document FAQs, how-tos, and help-guides to help your customers and your team find answers quickly.

Gather insights effortlessly

Keep tabs on team and agent workload and performance with custom reports and live-dashboards that capture data in real-time.

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Get started in minutes 

Start supporting your customers in no time without requiring an expensive onboarding plan or excessive hand-holding.

Keep your team on the same page

Enable 1:1 or group discussions and collaborate within your team or across other teams from within Freshdesk.

Increase your capabilities

Boost your support strategy by integrating with 650+ apps on the Marketplace and resolve tickets more efficiently.


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