Four Undeniable Benefits of Helpdesk Customization

Helpdesks are one of the most integral tools for delivering a better support experience for your customers due to their ability to organize and streamline communication.  But that’s not the only factor which makes them important. They also reflect the brand and values of your company. Today, users look for personalized customer experiences. Helpdesk customization helps you to achieve just that, be it providing the options to have a knowledge base in their native language or setting up an automation to make sure enterprise customers are only handled by senior support staff to give a white glove experience. Therefore, along with other factors, it is also important to check how much customization a helpdesk supports before making a decision to go with it.

We’re going to talk about the benefits of helpdesk customization in this blog post and how it can help both you and your customers.

Retain Brand Identity

Logos provide a visual identity to your business. It’s one of the first things that your customers identify you by. And that makes it important to be added as the first thing to your helpdesk as well. It not only helps you retain your brand identity but also helps you create a sense of connection with your customers.

But, it should not just stop at the logo. When your customers find your help center using the same font, color, and branding as that on your main website they don’t even feel that they moved away from your site at all. This creates a seamless workflow and experience for them when they are looking up the information they need. You can also take a look at some of the customized examples of help centers put together by Freshdesk customers and see how much of a difference it makes for your brand. In fact, even if you want to embed the help center within your website it wouldn’t stand out because of the customization. A well-designed help center will just blend in with your site.

Your customers already visit your site using your domain. Similarly, you can also use a custom domain for your help center. It can help you bring uniformity across all your platforms and make it easier for users because they don’t have to recall a different URL, when trying to look for help.

Finally, helpdesks can also be customized by adding additional languages. Native language support helps to build trust and can connect customers from other regions. We can never stress the importance of providing support in native languages enough. Freshdesk allows you to create multilingual knowledge base to cater to your customers needs and help them in their native language.

Maintain Your Voice and Tone

While customizing your help center, it’s important to put in the work to maintain a consistent voice and tone throughout all the content your customers might read. This might come in the form of a style guide that everyone can refer to while writing articles, templates for your autoresponders and canned responses for agents to use while replying to customers.

Imagine a situation where you’ve used a casual tone in your articles but a very formal tone in your autoresponders and satisfaction surveys. Your customers would be confused about who your company really is, and you’ve missed an opportunity to further develop your brand voice with your customer. Brands that are consistent with their voice are recognizable. For example, you wouldn’t expect a formal, robotic autoresponder from Slack or Virgin Atlantic. We know them as companies which provide a human and informal touch to every conversation they handle. Let’s talk about satisfaction survey templates in particular. Sometimes you’ll need to do A/B testing to see which template gets a better response rate from users. It’s not one size fits all. Nicereply offers 18 different questions you can ask customers in their feedback survey, and this is just a sample of what you can do when you have the freedom to tailor the helpdesk as per your requirements.

This is where helpdesk customization comes in handy. It helps you bring in the consistency not only in the articles but also throughout the customer journey which starts right from the autoresponders and ends with the satisfaction survey email. If your helpdesk isn’t customizable, it would end up with the same generic content that everyone uses. You miss an opportunity to shine your personality through. Autoresponders, survey emails, and support guides should all reflect your company’s voice and tone. It’s never too late to revisit them and tweak them and ask “does this really sound like us?”

Drive Productivity

Have you ever wondered why we even need helpdesks when we can answer customers through email clients? The answer is productivity. While helpdesks improve productivity, customization helps enhance and multiply that.

Your engineers might be using a Jira or a Trello to track their work, your finance team might be using their own tool for billing, and your sales team might have its own tool to take calls. These are all stand-alone tools and increase the workload for your support team when looking for information across multiple platforms. With customization, you can pull in this information from all the sources to the helpdesk, right where your agents need it, to help your customers in the best possible way.

Besides this, you can also customize the way you help customers by segregating incoming tickets into views based on specific criteria. This ensures your agents work on the issue that needs their attention on priority instead of sifting through a pile of incoming conversations. You can help your agents save time by setting up the helpdesk for them as per their requirements. Remember, the end goal is to help them in delivering their work in a better and efficient way.

Pro-tip: Integrations with other apps and segregating conversations can help you improve metrics like First Response Time, SLA, and overall Resolution time as well.

Increase Security

Helpdesks like Freshdesk allow you the freedom to set up different roles and permissions. While Freshdesk is secure right out of the box, you can customize permissions based on your company’s needs. For example, you might want only the admins or owners to have access to the billing section which holds your invoices and card details. This ensures increased security.

Along with the data related security, different permission sets also ensure that you can reduce the chances of human error. When only limited people have access to change helpdesk settings, it will ensure that everything is in place and you can track all the changes made over time.

To make security requirements easy for customers you can set up your helpdesk with SSO so that they can log into the helpdesk with credentials they already use. Customizing your log-in options for customers makes the process smooth, secure and tailored to your internal security requirements.

Create a Helpdesk as Special as You are

Helpdesks are the core of your customer support team’s success. It is important to spend time and effort on customizing it so that it compliments your company’s brand and values and at the same time, helps in growing your business.

Consistency is key to building trust with your customers. Find a helpdesk that lets you customize the important pieces so that your help center is unique and as powerful as you are.