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What is Freshdesk all about?

Powerful Ticketing

Deep customization capabilities let you give each customer a support experience tailored just for them, with ticket fields and workflows that make sense to you.

Smart Automations

Tickets are categorized, prioritized & assigned to the right agent or support group, automatically.

Helpdesk, gamified

Freshdesk lets you score and define how important Fast Resolutions, First Call Resolutions and Customer Satisfaction ratings are to your business.

Plans and Pricing


Email support
Phone support
Knowledge Base


Free forever,for 3 agents

$15 monthly


Multiple Mailboxes
Social Support
Community Forums


$16/agent/mo annual billing

$19 monthly


Live Chat
Mutliple Products
Mutliple Locations


$25/agent/mo annual billing

$29 monthly


Game Mechanics
Portal customization
Enterprise Reports


$40/agent/mo annual billing

$49 monthly


IP Whitelisting
Custom Email servers
More Features


$70/agent/mo annual billing

$79 monthly

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