Be customer-friendly at scale

Efficiently engage in 1-1 conversations to help your customers with everything from filling forms online to solving payment errors.

  • Be available on all channels including on email, phone, live chat, telephone, social media, and messaging apps
  • Reduce call wait-time by offering real-time support live-chat and instant messaging channels
  • Resolve service requests faster with a 360-degree view of customers
  • Bonus: Reduce costs with our native solutions for live chat and telephony by saving on agent licenses
be customer friendly at scale be customer friendly at scale

Capitalize on self-service

Ease customer anxiety about critical financial transactions by offering intuitive self-service options that enable them to find immediate solutions. 

  • Publish a customized support center with FAQs
  • Provide conversational self-service with easy-to-launch AI-chatbots
  • Offer one-click assistance on your website and mobile app using smart widgets
Deliver intuitive self-service Deliver intuitive self-service

Optimize for speed and efficiency 

Empower agents to deliver assistance faster by getting the mundane and repetitive tasks out of their way. This goes a long way in increasing agent bandwidth without increasing headcount.

  • Increase team productivity by automating common tasks such as query assignment, following up, and gathering feedback
  • Complete complex backend processes such as customer due diligence and validation of financial documents in no time with agent-facing chatbots
  • Streamline support operations and securely digitize legacy banking processes with flexible APIs and 650+ one-click integrations
Optimize for speed and efficiency Optimize for speed and efficiency

Let data lead the way

Identify roadblocks that are affecting customer experience in the industry, and continuously optimize your operations using live dashboards and advanced analytics to measure progress. 

  • Get key insights instantly with out-of-the-box reports
  • Slice and dice data any way you want, to measure unique metrics
  • Identify outliers in performance by drilling down on individual tickets
Let data lead the way Let data lead the way

Stay safe with state of the art security

Protecting your customer’s personal information is a top priority. Entrust Freshdesk with the responsibility of keeping your customer’s data safe and secure.

  • Host your data in the US, EEA, IND or AU centers
  • Restrict login access outside of work by whitelisting only office network addresses
  • Equipped with HIPAA and GDPR-ready features
Stay safe with state of the art security Stay safe with state of the art security

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