What is Retail customer service?

Retail customer service or sometimes known as customer service in e-commerce is all about providing exceptional customer support to an online shopper.

When customers choose to buy a product from your e-commerce store, they might have questions about the product they decide to buy. It could be queries about shipping fees, return policies, etc. To complete the purchase, buyers get in touch with your customer support team for assistance. The experience provided during the interactions that buyers have with a customer support team is called Retail Customer Service.

How can a help desk software help an e-commerce business?

Freshdesk is built in such a way that your business can talk to buyers at every step of their journey.

Your customers reach out to you with questions about the products you offer, return requests, refund issues and so on. They might not just email you but also send a message on Facebook or even a tweet @yourcompany.

Customers sometimes prefer to get an instant answer by having a chat on your own website or even switch to phone to have a conversation with one of your representatives. Whatever be the mode of communication, they expect you to acknowledge their problem with a response. They want you to get back to them saying you have heard about their problem, and want reassurance that you will be looking at their ticket soon.


That’s where Freshdesk comes in. Freshdesk is a powerful help desk software, has all the features you need right out of the box. If you are in the retail or e-commerce sector and want to provide multichannel customer support, Freshdesk can help streamline your support.

Answer all customer queries from a single place

Use Freshdesk to manage customer conversations better and solve customer problems faster.

You can streamline all queries into a single inbox. Eliminate delayed responses and stay on top of requests, including social channels, be it the messages from Facebook or tweets from Twitter.

Use AI to figure out which tweets to prioritize

As a support agent, it can be overwhelming to go through all the tweets and filter out the messages asking for support and respond to them. Using Social Signals, you can automatically figure out which tweets to prioritize. It goes through all the tweets and converts actionable tweets into tickets so that agents can respond immediately.

Automate follow ups with customers

Use automations to categorize and prioritize all your support tickets. With Freshdesk’s powerful automations you can automatically send out notifications, manage ticket statuses, proactively prevent customer frustration, and more. For eg, you can automatically email the customer if they've not acknowledged your response for more than a day.

Create an extensive knowledge base

Set up a knowledge base with FAQs, and articles so that your customers can look for information even before they get in touch with. Use your community forums to make announcements about coupon codes, upcoming offers etc.

Collaborate across your organization seamlessly

Work together with you team members across your organization and to provide quick answers to customers. Use Team huddle in Freshdesk to chat with teammates right inside a ticket. Highlight and share details in a ticket for more context.

Monitor your helpdesk with reports

As a support team in an e-commerce company you would need to keep track of specific metrics like First response time, Average resolution time, etc. With custom insights in Freshdesk, you can get these numbers near to real-time without having to wade through the bulk of the data.

Integrate with your e-commerce store

Your Shopify store can be integrated with Freshdesk to bring in customer information like order details, payment failures, etc. Use apps like FreshBooks and Mailchimp to bring in more context and information into your help desk software.

Refresh your entire help desk experience by making it easier to discover, install, and manage apps. Information such as order history and previous support requests is contextual information that can help you enrich your user experience, and is nothing more than a click away.

Provide enterprise-class support globally

With Freshdesk, you’ll have the perfect help desk support for retail. You’ll get enterprise-class functionality at price points that are affordable. Support customers in retail/e-commerce locally or globally across multiple products, languages, and time zones with just one help desk.

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