Why do small businesses need a help desk software to manage customer support?

When you’re running a small business, every decision you make goes a long way in shaping your customers’ experience, and in turn, their loyalty towards your brand. You have to do absolutely everything you can to earn their trust - answer questions, take special requests, and sometimes just be there for them round the clock to show them that you care. 

When you’re operating on a shoestring budget and a lean support team, you might think answering customer questions out of a shared box is the most viable option to provide customer support. However, the limitations of using a shared inbox are only discoverable when your business starts to grow. 

Here are the three major challenges you’re likely to face if you continue using a shared inbox to provide support:

Delayed responses

Without a seamless workflow to route incoming conversations to the right agent, some burning customer issues might not be assigned on time, and a few might even slip through the cracks. This leaves a dent on your customers’ experience and reflects poorly on your brand.

Duplicate agent effort

Shared inboxes do not offer an easy way to keep track of new customer conversations, the ones that are open, and the ones that have been resolved. Due to lack of visibility, two agents might end up responding to the same customer conversation and this can lead to a duplication of effort.

Reduced agent productivity

Some customer conversations might include repetitive questions or basic how-to doubts. If your team doesn’t have an effortless way of tackling these basic questions, typing out the same message over and over again will eat into their time.

Restrained collaboration

To resolve some customer conversations, you might require additional help from other teams, such as the product or billing team. A shared inbox’s limited capabilities such as simply forwarding a conversation to the concerned person might not be the most efficient way to collaborate across teams seamlessly.

Ultimately, all these challenges get in the way of you delivering great support experiences, and retaining customers. However, a customer service software for small business will help you track and manage customer conversations, offer support across channels from one place, improve productivity and collaborate effortlessly. A helpdesk tool like Freshdesk will help you bid goodbye to these woes and focus on delivering delightful customer experiences as you scale your support.

What to look for in help desk software for small businesses?

Choosing the best help desk system for a small business with evolving needs can be pretty daunting, especially when you’re flooded with niche solutions such as Happyfox, Gladly, or Hiver on one hand, and legacy solutions including Zendesk, Salesforce, and HubSpot on the other. 

The issue with a help desk software that only helps you solve a specific problem is that it can’t be scaled as your business grows, while legacy solutions are expensive and unnecessarily complicated.

We’ve tried to make things easy for you by creating a checklist of features that you can use to evaluate different customer service ticketing systems:
- Integrated view of channels
- Intuitive ticket management
- Workflow automations
- Self-service capabilities
- Reporting and analytics
- Flexible, transparent pricing

The perfect help desk software for IT support

Are you looking for a help desk that can help you with IT service management and asset management? Check out Freshservice, a saas-based service desk that’s perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Why is Freshdesk the best help desk software for SMBs?

Freshdesk is an all-in-one customer support software that enables small businesses to deliver omnichannel customer experiences with ease. With Freshdesk, you can:

Streamline ticket management

Automatically prioritize, categorize, and assign ownership of customer conversations, track progress with status updates and tags, and leverage SLAs to ensure customers never get a delayed resolution.

Loop in the right team members and collaborate with complete transparency and accountability.

Explore helpdesk ticketing ->

Seamless ticketing for small businesses Seamless ticketing for small businesses

Increase efficiency without increasing team size

Ease your team’s bandwidth by automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks and leveraging templated responses to answer common customer questions with a single keystroke.

Explore help desk automations ->

automations for helpdesk software small business automations for helpdesk software small business

Deflect up to 60% of tickets

Enable your customers to find answers instant around-the-clock by launching a range of customer-friendly self-service options.

Field FAQs with a knowledge base, offer proactive help by embedding a widget on your website or mobile app, and deliver automated, contextual support using a chatbot.

Explore self-service ->

self-service portal for small business helpdesk software self-service portal for small business helpdesk software

Expand support at lower costs

Go beyond email, and start offering assistance on your customers’ favourite channels, including live chat, phone, social media, WhatsApp.

Bonus: You can save over 50% of support costs by using the same agent seats for live chat and telephony software.

Explore Freshdesk Omnichannel ->

Omnichannel customer service inbox for small businesses Omnichannel customer service inbox for small businesses

Track and measure progress

Analyze trends in support tickets, gauge team performance, and monitor customer satisfaction metrics using Freshdesk’s one-click reports.

Leverage live dashboards to get a bird’s eye view of conversations in different queues, CSAT scores, and more.

Explore reporting and analytics ->

Reporting in helpdesk system small business Reporting in helpdesk system small business

More reasons why SMBs (and enterprises) love Freshdesk

Transparent pricing

What you see is what you get. No hidden charges or unexpected add-ons.

Robust integrations

Extend your capabilities with flexible APIs and 650+ one-click integrations from our marketplace.

Intuitive UI

Go live in no time with the intuitive in-built onboarding process.

Support at every step

Our team of experts is available to help you around the clock.

Perfect for flexible workforces

Freshdesk can be scaled up or down based on your business needs.