Why the insurance industry requires intelligent, digital-first customer service software?


Of insurers have launched personalized, real-time digital, or mobile services


Of consumers worldwide say they will use a digital channel for insurance interactions over the next few years


Of customers don’t trust their insurance company to collect and use 'alternate data' such as driving behavior, or interactions on social media

Respond quickly by streamlining customer data

Access all your customer details in a single, omnichannel help desk without switching between multiple systems to fetch data related to the industry.

  • Email, instant messaging, phone, or social media - no matter what the channel is, respond to customers from a unified view of all interactions.
  • Instant access to historical customer data from a single, centralized location.
  • Integrate with 650+ apps or build your custom apps to easily access background info such as ERP, payment processing, and claims history on customer profiles within the same ticket.
Omnichannel support for Insurance providers Omnichannel support for Insurance providers

Automate complex tasks with workflows and RPAs

Insurance processing involves a lot of manual work for agents, from onboarding a customer to performing due diligence on claims. Automate these tasks with workflows and agent-assist RPA bots.

  • Deploy agent-facing RPA bots to automate complex backend processes such as document perusal, claims processing, risk analysis, and background verification.
  • Create support workflows that get triggered on SLAs, keywords, request types, and escalations.
  • Enable agents to save time by replying with relevant canned responses and support articles suggested by the agent-assist bot.
Workflow automation for Insurance providers Workflow automation for Insurance providers

Improve customer loyalty by personalizing support

Bring a positive impact to your customer lifetime value by tailoring your recommendations and services to their preferences.

  • Analyze support interactions to gain actionable insights that can help with personalizing insurance solutions/plans.
  • Get comprehensive reports of ticket trends to determine gaps in the customer experience.
  • Enable CSAT reviews for every ticket and embed personalized surveys from within Freshdesk to find out ways to fine-tune your support.
Support for customer loyalty in the Insurance industry Support for customer loyalty in the Insurance industry

Digitize legacy support with live chat and self-service

Handle 1-1 conversations seamlessly by enabling live chat on your website, on social media, and IM platforms. Deflect simpler customer issues completely with a self service portal and chatbots.

  • Deploy live chat to guide new customers through the onboarding process.
  • Deploy AI-enabled chatbots to trigger intent-driven conversations and respond to common queries or engage with website visitors 24/7.
  • Publish a self service portal with solution articles and FAQ sections to deflect common customer questions about insurance processing.
Self-service with live chat for insurance providers Self-service with live chat for insurance providers

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