Centralize your support team

A scattered support team can make existing processes more chaotic. Add a method to the madness by centralizing all communication channels, into a unified customer service software to stand out in your industry.

  • Unify customer communications across chat, email, phone, social, or IM so your team can monitor and respond to them from a single dashboard.
  • Enable agents to see the full historical context of each customer to offer quick, relevant solutions.
  • Improve team efficiency using Omniroute to automatically assign tickets to agents based on workload, expertise, and other customizable rules.
Omnichannel customer service for travel and hospitality

Connect and collaborate with no complexities

Working with multiple internal teams and external stakeholders such as delivery partners and supply chains can be tedious for your support team. Get on the same page with seamless collaboration and make conversations quick and contextual.

  • Collaborate with support and non-support teams with the Freshconnect integration
  • Bring external vendors onto customer tickets to give them access to updated and prior customer information - such as order and conversation history - to resolve problems quickly.
  • Connect with APIs and integrations like LateShipment and Parcelhub to enable a broad range of logistical use cases, including order tracking, billing, inventory management, and incident creation.
Customer service platform to build customer loyalty in travel and hospitality

Leverage AI and self-service to ease the workload

Customers don't like to be kept on hold for basic queries. Give them and your agents an easy way out by implementing AI-powered chatbots that save time and minimize workload.

  • Set up web widgets that can auto-respond to routine customer requests by detecting keywords and answering common queries.
  • Offer 24/7 support without increasing headcount by deploying AI chatbots that pick up cues from customer queries to offer an immediate response.
  • Help customers help themselves by adopting an intuitive, exhaustive, and multi-lingual self-service portal.
Instant, 24/7 customer service for travel and hospitality

Fine-tune your support processes with data

Customer service is a huge function in logistics with multiple stakeholders. That's why it is very essential to keep track of your support performance with comprehensive reports and analytics.

  • Customize your reports dashboard with metrics or events you want to prioritize.
  • Segment customer queries based on ticket types and stages to identify potential pain points and opportunities to improve in these areas.
  • Keep a close track of ticket trends and query volume to build workflows, operating procedures, and forecast insights.
Collaboration software for travel and hospitality customer service

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