Organize customer communications in one place

Get rid of shared inboxes and make it easy for your agents to take ownership of customer queries. Funnel all customer communications into your helpdesk and establish one pane of glass for all requests.

  • Deliver multilingual support via phone, live-chat, email, & messaging.
  • Route customer enquiries from e-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, etc.
  • Improve team efficiency through intelligent assignment with Omniroute
omnichannel customer service platform for manufacturing

Deliver seamless field service

Service agents who need to be onsite to deal with mission-critical issues are often cut off from their colleagues. Ensure all of your customer information is handy to enable field agents to provide contextual support with Freshdesk’s Field Service Management module.

  • Maintain a scheduling dashboard to plan and assign service tasks to field agents easily
  • Allow agents to provide real-time updates and access contextual customer information with the Freshdesk App
  • Track the time spent on each remote job and get customers to sign off from within your app
field service management for manufacturing customer service

Faster resolution with contextual collaboration

Remembering numerous parts orders, juggling different vendors and coordinating between multiple departments can be difficult in industries like manufacturing. Start your customer conversation off on the right note by accessing order history and collaborating with context across functions. Resolve issues faster and better with the right information on hand.

  • Maintain a master customer record with a history of conversations and activities
  • Integrate with workforce management, billing and time-tracking applications like Xero, Quickbooks and more
  • Bring internal teams and third-party vendors into customer service workflows with the help of collaboration tools
contextual collaboration for customer service

Identify problem areas with data insights

For large organizations, it is often difficult to step back and see the big picture in order to be able to identify repeat issues. Access curated, customizable reports from your helpdesk to track agent productivity, CSAT, SLA compliance and more.

  • Forecast volumes and spot trends to improve customer service
  • Use real-time team dashboards to stay on top of your daily operations
  • Gather customer feedback to improve the client experience
  • Pull customizable reports focused on field service to monitor performance
customer service analytics for manufacturing

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