Put the spotlight on customer preferences

Be available on all of your customers’ preferred channels including email, phone, live chat, social media, and mobile-first messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

  • Unify communication from multiple channels into a single dashboard. Resolve customer issues with complete context and create seamless experiences across channels.
  • Leverage 650+ one-click integrations and flexible APIs to access customer data right within Freshdesk and offer personalized assistance.
  • Give your customers VIP treatment by offering priority support based on their subscriptions, and prior support interactions.
Put spotlight on customer preferences Put spotlight on customer preferences

Build loyalty with communities and 24x7 support

Launch AI-enabled chatbots, self-service portals, and user communities to help customers find information instantly without human intervention.

  • Enable customers to find answers on their own by publishing FAQs, and solution articles.
  • Offer automated resolutions to common issues including altering subscription packages and troubleshooting payment errors through conversational chatbots on your mobile app.
  • Build a thriving customer community by setting up discussion boards and user forums.
Build loyalty with communities Build loyalty with communities

Control the bigger picture

Take a proactive approach by predicting customer needs beforehand, tracking frustration signals, and analyzing trends in tickets to improve customer experience and internal workflows.

  • Keep customers in the know by broadcasting product updates, and network downtimes in advance.
  • Track customer satisfaction by automating personalized surveys.
  • Detect customer frustration signals such as mouse trashing and dead clicks and offer proactive assistance using Freshdesk help widget.
  • Get complete visibility into team performance using live dashboards, reports, and custom analytics.
Control the bigger picture Control the bigger picture

Manage projects without losing the plot

Whether you’re running an ad agency, a publication, or a streaming service or industry, keep your clients and partners in the loop with contextual collaboration.

  • Enable different teams to collaborate on a media project or a customer issue with complete transparency.
  • Bring mass communication, content, audio or video streaming, and digital asset management experts together for consultation using Freshdesk Collaborators.
  • Track progress under various stages of production and improve accountability using service level agreements (SLAs).
Manage projects without losing the plot Manage projects without losing the plot

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