Why do Managed Service Providers need a unified help desk?

In an era of cloud-based solutions and growing business automation, close to 55% of businesses engage Managed Service Providers(MSPs) to transform their companies digitally. The rapid growth in the MSP sector also indicates the need for specialized teams to handle the IT support operations of businesses spanning different industries. Segmenting your client base and being available across multiple channels to resolve their problems gives you a competitive edge in the booming MSP landscape. 

Set up customized accounts for every client

Each MSP client has unique needs that demand specialized technical skills. Individual account instances within your help desk allow you to have dedicated agent groups to service specific client requests.

Meet customers on their preferred channels

Apart from emails, MSP clients now have more ways of interacting with your team, including phone calls, chat, or a web portal. A help desk allows a good channel mix and allows you to respond to requests on every channel from one screen.

Enhance operational efficiency of your support team

When all your support operations are unified in a single interface, you can categorize and route the incoming tickets to agents specifically trained to handle certain issues for better issue resolution and a positive customer experience.

Centralize and simplify support interactions with Freshdesk

Achieve faster and improved resolution rates by connecting your clients to the right agents and viewing all your support activities on one common dashboard using Freshdesk Omnichannel.

Automate issue handling workflows and simplify ticket assignment

Set up individual workflows for different client processes. Organize support tickets based on issue type and route them to the right agent group for faster resolution.

  • Configure business-specific conditions and utilize skill-based auto-routing to enable ticket handling by specialized agents.
  • Create agent groups to have dedicated service reps working for individual clients that your company caters to.
  • Get dynamic ticket field suggestions with the AI-powered auto triage feature based on past tickets.
  • View and track the progress of your client requests with automated ticket updates.
Priority-based automated assignment in Freshdesk Priority-based automated assignment in Freshdesk

Optimize support on all channels

Choose a multi-channel support strategy and handle all queries effortlessly from one tool.

  • Support your clients on multiple channels, including email, social media, phone, chat, and instant messaging from a single interface.
  • Configure multiple mailboxes with unique email IDs to interact with different MSP clients.
  • Utilize self-service as an effective channel by setting up dedicated knowledge bases and customized web portals for multiple clients.
  • Deflect the number of support tickets using chatbots, with conditions to hand off complex queries to agents.
Omnichannel service by Freshdesk Omnichannel service by Freshdesk

Improve agent productivity and manage your team effectively

Empower your team of agents to deliver impactful support with smart automation in their daily activities. Powerful integrations with 650+ apps on Freshworks Marketplace simplify complex processes such as contract management, billing, and time tracking.

  • Manage MSP service agents across time zones efficiently by configuring SLAs and agent shift timings.
  • Help your team perform better with agent-assist bots and canned responses for common issues.
  • Ease agent onboarding with an up-to-date internal knowledge base and automated issue-specific solution articles.
  • Monitor vital agent performance metrics and track the overall operations of your team on intuitive dashboards.
Agent productivity Agent productivity

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