Meet the customers where they are

Your consumers switch easily between phone, email and messaging. Make it easy for them to get in touch and receive consistently great service across all channels. Funnel your communications onto a single platform.

  • Be accessible via phone, social, email, Apple Business Chat, Whatsapp and more
  • Engage with website visitors and app users with live-chat
  • Respond faster with omnichannel queue management

More context, faster resolutions

Consumers want instant gratification. Equip your agents with information on each customer’s order history, pending orders, and past conversations. Bring down the time spent on each query and delight your customers with personalized service.

  • Use custom APIs to integrate with any third-party applications
  • Automatically route premium customers to priority queues
  • Resolve issues faster and better with the right information on-hand

Scale support without scaling your team

A long queue could mean your customer jumps ship from your service to a competitor. With chatbots, you can deflect routine queries and ensure that customers are receiving timely service even with a lean team. 

  • Reduce ticket volumes and deliver 24/7 support with chatbots
  • Leverage AI and agent-assist bots to onboard agents faster
  • Seamless handover of complex queries from bots to live-agents

Connect the dots

Reaching out to third-party vendors, coordinating refunds, and communicating with field service can be a messy affair. Connect the dots both internally and externally, and collaborate with context, right from your helpdesk.

  • Resolve queries faster with contextual collaboration
  • Share visibility across teams for increased efficiency
  • Extend your helpdesk to the field with Field Service Management
  • Bring internal teams and third-party vendors into customer service workflows

Stay ahead of the curve with data-driven insights

Your business is booming and your support cannot fail. Enable data-driven decision-making by equipping your managers with accurate metrics on agent productivity, SLAs and more.

  • Forecast ticket volumes to staff your team effectively
  • Understand ticket trends for feedback on product or service improvements
  • Use real-time team dashboards to stay on top of your daily operations

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