Keep all your information under one roof

Do away with multiple systems, spreadsheets, emails, and pen and paper, to keep track of client details. Manage all you industry deals effortlessly with a unified system of records that can be accessed with ease.

  • Record seller and buyer information for each deal with granular details, including rental strategy, contract ID, and property type
  • Segment customer base by location, interests, and demographics
  • Get a 360-degree view of customer data by integrating Freshdesk with real estate marketplaces such as Zillow, as well as other tools in your tech stack including CRM and transaction management software
Client management for real estate Client management for real estate

Address client needs with ease

Personalization is the key to maintaining good client relationships. Deliver tailored experiences each time your clients connect with you on email, phone, social media, live chat, WhatsApp, or Apple Business Chat.

  • Engage in contextual conversations by accessing client details and preferences easily
  • Maintain a single thread of conversations across channels and offer customized solutions for each client
  • Continue conversations seamlessly even as clients switch channels
Omnichannel real estate customer service Omnichannel real estate customer service

Increase agent productivity

Replying and solving issues quickly shows that you genuinely value your clients’ time. Speed up your service by automating routine, time-consuming processes, and providing easy access to resources.

  • Automate key workflows, including follow-ups with clients or other team members, status updates, and escalations
  • Ensure clients are connected to the best agents based on previous interactions, data, or preferences
  • Equip agents with policy details, resources, and responses using an internal knowledge base and agent-assist bot
Automations for agent productivity Automations for agent productivity

Work as one team

Maintaining strong client relationships in real estate requires multiple moving parts. Enable your client-facing and internal teams to communicate and collaborate effortlessly without gaps in understanding client requirements.

  • Leverage Freshdesk’s field service management capabilities to bring customer service and field teams on to the same page
  • Schedule and manage on-site meetings, inspections, or repairs based on your field team’s availability
  • Share progress updates with your entire team wherever you go using the Freshdesk mobile app
Field service management and collaboration Field service management and collaboration

Measure, optimize, repeat.

Data and insights are necessary to reflect your business’ progress. Analyze team performance and measure customer satisfaction to lead your real estate customer service team to success.

  • Get customer feedback after each interaction or sale
  • Leverage live dashboards to monitor ticket volume and bandwidth and prevent bottlenecks
  • Identify potential points of improvements in your team using one-click reports
  • Use custom analytics to monitor metrics that are unique to your agency
Reporting and analytics Reporting and analytics

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