Cater to today's dynamic shoppers

Your shoppers are constantly switching between your website, shopping apps, and in-store purchases. Make customer service easy by delivering consistent service across channels.

  • Integrate phone, live-chat, email, social, FB Messenger, Whatsapp and more
  • Save abandoned carts with live-chat and proactive messages
  • Respond to queries faster with omnichannel queue management
  • Integrate with 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon, eBay for consistent service
omnichannel customer service platform for retail and ecommerce

Redefine 'personal shopping'

Customers of industries like Retail/e-commerce come to support when something goes wrong. Making them answer repetitive questions when they call will anger them further. Equip your agents with customer context and order history to deliver personalized customer service at scale.

  • Use context and purchase history to have relevant, personal conversations
  • Use customer data to prioritize queues and have contextual conversations
  • Resolve issues faster with the right information on hand
  • Integrate with your e-commerce systems like Shopify and Magento
contextual customer service platform for retail and ecommerce

Scale your customer service with AI and bots

Shopping isn't a 9-5 job. Deliver instant answers round the clock and keep your customers happy, even while your team is asleep.

  • Scale your customer service by automating routine queries
  • Provide 24/7 support for instant responses with chatbots
  • Escalate complex queries from bots to live-agents
  • Predict purchase intent and convert service requests into new sales
customer service chatbots for retail and ecommerce

Get your team on the same page

Shoppers don’t differentiate between the agents they talk to online, the clerks in-store or the finance staff processing their refund, so why should you? Good service requires collaboration. Work together to deliver delight to each and every customer.

  • Bring internal teams & 3rd-party vendors into the support process
  • Share tasks across teams for increased efficiency
  • Build better visibility across teams by unifying customer operations
collaborative customer service platform for retail and ecommerce

Level up with data & insights

Surprise and delight your shoppers with excellent service. Monitor customer feedback, stay on top of team performance and identify bottlenecks with granular reports and insights.

  • Forecast volumes and spot trends to improve customer service
  • Use real-time team dashboards to stay on top of your daily operations
  • Gather customer feedback to improve the buying experience
customer service reports and analytics for retail and ecommerce

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