Unify your customer service communications

Deliver customer service to your clients on channels of their choice. While urgent queries require a phone call, live-chat is ideal for routine queries and email for long resolutions. Manage all your customer communications from a single platform.

  • Deliver service via phone, email, social, live-chat and more
  • Use live-chat to support customers right within your SaaS app
  • Respond to queries faster with omnichannel queue management
unify your customer service communications 1 unify your customer service communications 1

Enrich client experiences with contextual knowledge

When your industry clients see an error message on a busy workday, the last thing they want is to relay every detail to your support team. Show them that you know them. Equip your agents with the information they need, right from order information to product logs so that you can solve queries with speed.

  • Integrate with business applications like Jira, Salesforce, Stripe and more
  • Automatically route your premium clients to priority queues
  • Use product events to predict issues and proactively service customers
  • Resolve issues faster and better with the right information on hand
Enrich client experiences with contextual knowledge Enrich client experiences with contextual knowledge

Deploy chatbots with ease

Your product might be complex, but your customer service can be simple. Leverage AI and chatbots to answer routine queries on product configurations, billing and more. Free up your time to deal with real issues.

  • Reduce ticket volumes and deliver 24/7 support with chatbots
  • Escalate complex queries from bots to live-agents seamlessly
  • Identify intent and convert service enquiries into upsells
Deploy chatbots with ease Deploy chatbots with ease

Simplify collaboration

Collaboration can get confusing, with endless email chains, chat threads and gaps in context, communication and ownership. Make it easy for customer service, engineering, finance and sales teams to collaborate with context, right within the helpdesk.

  • Resolve queries faster with contextual collaboration.
  • Share tasks across teams for increased efficiency
  • Bring internal teams and third-party vendors into customer service workflows
simplify collaboration 1 simplify collaboration 1

Improve performance with actionable insights

Change how your team operates by analyzing ticket data, trends and agent performance. Access detailed reporting on agent productivity, CSAT scores, SLAs and more. Drive higher performance with data-driven decisions.

  • Forecast ticket volumes and staff your team effectively
  • Understand ticket trends and categories to deliver feedback to product teams
  • Use real-time team dashboards to stay on top of your daily operations
  • Measure SLAs and CSAT scores to enhance the client experience
Improve performance with actionable insights Improve performance with actionable insights

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