Unify customer communication

A fraction of your customers could want the ease of getting help right within your app, while the rest could prefer to speak to an agent over phone or drop an email. Deliver personalized, consistent customer service across all your customers’ preferred channels without breaking a sweat.

  • Get a unified view of customer conversations from all channels without having to switch tabs
  • Offer contextual assistance by easily accessing important customer information such as their account details, payment history, and prior support interactions
  • Deploy live chat on your mobile apps and website to reduce call wait-time with real-time support
  • Reduce the stress on your phone lines for cheaper cost per interaction on digital channels like live chat

Explore omnichannel customer service

Omnichannel customer service in telecommunication

Offer a range of self-service options

Deflect 60% up to customer conversations with AI and self service by providing 24x7 support and helping customers resolve problems on their own. 

  • Publish a branded knowledge base with answers to frequently asked questions about canceling, upgrading, or modifying plans and services
  • Leverage bots that surface relevant solution articles to offer conversational self service
  • Use a simple, no-code bot builder to personalize your AI chatbot. Offer instant, automated solutions for common workflows including recharge or upgrade requests, account termination, and basic troubleshooting
  • Implement self-service through IVR, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger using one-click integrations

Explore Freddy, the AI-powered Omnibot

Self-service in telecom customer service

Optimize for speed and efficiency 

Empower agents to deliver assistance faster by getting the mundane and repetitive tasks out of their way. This goes a long way in increasing agent bandwidth without increasing headcount.

  • Increase team productivity by automating common tasks such as query assignment, following up, and gathering feedback
  • Complete complex backend processes such as customer due diligence and validation of financial documents in no time with agent-facing chatbots
  • Streamline support operations and securely digitize legacy banking processes with flexible APIs and 650+ one-click integrations

Explore workflow automations

Automations for telecom agent productivity

Manage field service and collaborate efficiently

Empower your contact center to collaborate seamlessly with other internal teams to close out customer issues faster. Use our native field service module to streamline on-site assistance.

  • Provide field agents with full context about the network issues, service configuration, broadband installation, and other customer requests when customers require on-site support
  • Enable field agents to navigate and contact customers, update progress, and get customer signatures using our native field service mobile app
  • Empower support agents to collaborate with billing, IT, accounts, and technical teams as well within Freshdesk

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Collaboration in telecom customer service

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