How can businesses benefit from this integration?

The seamless integration between Freshdesk and Amazon Connect brings the power of an easy-to-use cloud contact center right within your support desk. Agents can now engage with their customers through Amazon Connect’s call and chat channels without having to move out of Freshdesk. It empowers agents to quickly pass details like the previous call, chat, and ticket histories into the workspace without additional lookup, and focus on having more contextual and effective interactions.

To thrive in the current landscape there is a need for personalized and speedy services. For contact center teams, this means enabling agents to assist the customer to their best capabilities. The Amazon Connect and Freshdesk integration can be leveraged to provide personalized support experiences, generate better qualified inbound calls, improve conversion rates, and boost revenue. 

How does it work?

Amazon Connect for Freshdesk can be accessed either through a caller modal or a full-page app. While the caller modal offers the basic functionality of placing/receiving calls, looking up contacts, and adding tickets, the full-page app extends its capabilities to the latest
features such as Live Transcribe and Auto Call-Out amongst others.

 Here’s a look at the key differentiators of the Freshdesk and Amazon Connect integration:


Engage in contextual and effective conversations

Calls and chats are routed to the right agents who are armed with caller meta-data from Amazon Connect to deliver a winning customer experience. The call functionality can be managed in the small caller as well as the larger full-page app. Quick actions such as looking up existing contacts/ticket history, converting conversations to tickets, and taking notes can be performed in the small caller without leaving Freshdesk.

Freshdesk Amazon Connect Contextual Conversations Freshdesk Amazon Connect Contextual Conversations

Gain 360° customer visibility and real-time insights

The full-page app allows agents to leverage additional features such as Live Transcribe, which captures real-time customer conversation as the call is progressing and automatically gets added to the ticket for future reference. And Live Translate, which translates the conversation into the language the agent is proficient in and can fully understand the customer requests. Plus after every call, the recording gets automatically added to the respective ticket as a comment.

Live Transcribe and Live Translate Live Transcribe and Live Translate

Improve efficiency and performance

With the newest Auto Callout feature, agents/supervisors can now automate customer calls. It allows them to trigger calls that can be placed to multiple customers at once with a message of their choice. The message can be typed in which automatically gets converted into speech and sent to the selected customers. 

Auto Call Out Auto Call Out

Provide support across channels

The latest update to the integration features a new chat channel for customer support through which agents can respond to customers, who prefer chat over call, from within Freshdesk. Agents can take up to 5 chats at once and convert the conversations into tickets if needed. 

Chats in Amazon Connect Chats in Amazon Connect

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