Does Asana integrate with Freshdesk?

Yes, Freshdesk enables seamless integration of Asana accounts and projects with an omnichannel helpdesk. Maximize team efficiency by creating tickets on Freshdesk and connecting them to the corresponding Asana accounts and projects.

What are the benefits of integrating Asana with Freshdesk?

Synchronize team projects with support tasks

Co-ordinating and working on sub-tasks associated with team projects can be tedious, especially when it involves collaboration between customer support and other teams. The Freshdesk-Asana integration lets you create Freshdesk tickets related to a team, project, employee, due date, and more custom fields from Asana. Every task and project associated with Asana can be viewed or selected from your Freshdesk account while creating or linking tickets.

Collaborate with complete context

Transparency and accountability can be difficult if Asana users aren’t able to get quick visibility into the progress of support tasks related to their projects. With the Freshdesk-Asana integration, they can track every status change on a Freshdesk ticket by accessing them as “comments” on the Asana account. This way, other stakeholders can take appropriate action on their Asana projects if there’s a ticket update or closure.

How does the Freshdesk-Asana integration work?

Access Asana projects from Freshdesk

Get a complete view of tasks and projects from your Asana-linked Freshdesk account to avoid having to toggle back and forth between tools.

Access Asana projects from Freshdesk

Track ticket progress

All teams involved can track the status of tickets on Asana in the form of comments, including whenever someone replies or adds a note on Freshdesk.

Track Freshdesk tickets on Asana

Link tickets with projects

Create and monitor project-related tasks by adding your Asana projects, custom fields, and campaigns with new or existing Freshdesk tickets.


Link Asana task in Freshdesk

Close Asana tasks from Freshdesk

Mark an Asana task as “resolved” within the web widget in Freshdesk and have it reflect automatically on your Asana account too.

Create and complete Asana tasks in Freshdesk

Tracking tasks made easy in three quick steps

1. Get the integration prerequisites done

Generate and keep the Freshdesk API Key and personal Asana access token ready.

2. Link with the Freshdesk domain name

Search for the ‘Asana’ app in Freshworks marketplace and click install. Enter the Freshdesk domain name when prompted. 

3. Validate the API key and Asana Token

Key in the Freshdesk API Key and the Asana token that you’ve generated from the first step and press ‘Validate’. Once validation is successful, click the Install button, and you’ll start seeing your Asana tasks in Freshdesk.

Learn more about the Freshdesk+Asana integration and get started today.