Does Avaya integrate with Freshdesk?

Yes, Freshdesk integrates with Avaya via CDC software’s cloud-based CTI (computer telephony integration) solution. This integration enables a free flow of customer information from Avaya into Freshdesk and empowers agents to offer consistent, swift customer service. 

What are the benefits of integrating Avaya telephony with Freshdesk?

Offer contextual assistance

Customers today contact you on multiple channels and expect to pick up where they left off in the previous interaction. When your call center and customer service software function as two separate systems, you lose access to vital information needed to offer seamless support, such as contact details and conversation history. You can’t afford to jump back and forth between tools to gather information with a waiting customer on the line. 

By integrating Avaya with Freshdesk, you can view all relevant customer information in one shot right within Freshdesk. You can offer contextual customer service over the phone without constantly switching between applications.

Improve agent productivity

Customer service agents spend a great deal of time updating tickets and customer records. Up-to-date and consistent data is, after all, the key to delivering seamless experiences. However, updating information twice, first on your ticketing system, and then again on your call center software, is an unnecessary duplication of effort. 

The Freshdesk-Avaya integration ensures that information updated on one system automatically reflects on the other, eliminating the need to repeat this exercise again. 

How does the Freshdesk-Avaya integration work?

Call customers faster with automated dialing 

Speak to your customers over the phone without having to leave Freshdesk and switch to your telephony system for each call by using the click-to-call facility.

View customer details the screen pop

Engage in context-rich conversations by viewing the customer’s name, location, and service history auto-populated from Avaya into Freshdesk for easy access.

Freshdesk Avaya CTI integration

Log and record customer calls on Freshdesk

Automatically create tickets for voicemails with the clippings attached, and log ongoing customer calls with real-time phone control and agent status updates.

Keep information up to date on Avaya

Save time and effort by creating or updating tickets and contact details only once on Freshdesk — the integration will automatically sync these details into Avaya.

Avaya call center features within Freshdesk