Does Freshdesk integrate with HubSpot?

Yes, Freshdesk offers a two-way integration with HubSpot, and enables a free flow of data related to contacts, companies, and deals, between the two tools. This integration unifies customer insights and empowers all your customer-facing teams to work together seamlessly and create better customer experiences.

What are the benefits of integrating HubSpot with Freshdesk?

Offer assistance with complete context

Sales and marketing data contain the key to getting a complete picture of each customer’s problem, enabling you to offer quick, personalized solutions. 

When your CRM and ticketing software operate as two separate systems, you need to switch between these tools to access this information. By integrating Freshdesk and HubSpot, you can get comprehensive customer records in one place, and eliminate the process of having to go back and forth to refer to data stored in HubSpot CRM. 

Keep information up to date

Ensuring that data is uniform and updated across all tools you use is a critical step in keeping your customer-facing teams on the same page. 

For instance, a prospect might contact customer support instead of sales, or multiple people from the same company may try to contact you. When you create a new contact on your ticketing system, you need to update this information on your CRM software as well. The HubSpot-Freshdesk integration keeps important data in sync and ensures that you don’t have to update the same information twice.  

Collaborate without any hassles

When your sales, marketing, and customer service teams operate in silos, your customer experience takes a hit because of conflicting information and delayed solutions. 

Freshdesk enables all your customer-facing teams to collaborate effortlessly to offer seamless and fast solutions. Support agents can tag members from the sales team on the in-built internal chat tool. The members looped in can then gather the full context of the customer issue instantly and jump into working on a solution. Alternatively, sales and support can share ownership of a ticket to stay in sync and share periodic updates with the customer.

How does the Freshdesk-HubSpot integration work?

Access and update sales and marketing data on Freshdesk 

Customer records from HubSpot such as contacts, companies, pipelines, and contact lists can be viewed on Freshdesk. You can create new contacts and deals on Freshdesk. All new contacts and deals that you add on Freshdesk will reflect on HubSpot automatically. So in case you cross-sell or upsell while speaking to a customer, you don’t have to worry about updating the latest details on HubSpot. 

View contact infromation on Freshdesk with HubSpot inegration

Browse through customer support interactions on HubSpot

In addition to accessing the details of a new contact created on Freshdesk, you can also view all customer support conversations associated with a contact along with the CSAT ratings on HubSpot. This helps you understand if your customers are unhappy and identify if they are likely to churn. You can step in and offer inputs to ensure that customers have a positive experience post-purchase.

View customer support tickets and conversations on HubSpot