Does Freshdesk integrate with Jira?

Yes, Freshdesk integrates with Jira to enable your support and engineering teams to seamlessly work together and resolve customer issues faster. With this integration, you can connect bugs reported by customers on Freshdesk, to issues on Jira and share product feedback instantly. This also makes it easy for you to deploy fixes, and close the loop with customers.

What are the benefits of the Jira-Freshdesk integration? 

Ensure customer support and dev teams are on the same page

When customer support and dev teams operate in silos, reported bugs might not be resolved on time. Plus, the engineering team barely gets to hear the customer’s problems the way customers say it, and this results in loss of context. Additionally, burning customer issues might not be prioritized and some customer requests might even slip through the cracks. 

However, when you integrate your Jira account with Freshdesk, you can associate customer requests to corresponding issues on Jira from within Freshdesk to ensure that all teams stay on the same page. 

Handle dependencies with complete context

Lapses in communication between customer-facing and product teams lead to a poor understanding of a customer’s requirements. Consequently, this can lead to an unsatisfactory support experience for the customer.

To bridge this gap in communication, the Freshdesk-Jira integration brings the customer service team closer to the product team. With this integration, agents and developers can collaborate right from the ticket interface. This helps ensure that the product team has complete context of the customer’s request and can provide satisfactory solutions. 

Close the loop with customers effortlessly

When customer support and engineering teams work independently, it can lead to miscommunication with customers. If there’s no transparency with the resolution process, you will not be able to keep your customers updated.  

However, with the Freshdesk-Jira integration, you can keep your customers informed through every step of the resolution. You can sync your ticket properties such as status and priority with corresponding issues on Jira. By doing this, you can understand which stage of resolution the ticket is in, and close the loop with customers. 

How does the Freshdesk-Salesforce integration work?

Link support tickets to issues on Jira 

Associate tickets that require technical assistance, such as bugs, feature requests, and enhancements, with issues on Jira and provide faster resolutions. 

Jira issues

Sync important ticket properties

Ensure all teams involved stay on the same page by syncing your ticket properties such as status, comments, and priorities, with the same on Jira.  

Sync Freshdesk and Jira

Collaborate with context

Provide complete context of the customer’s issue by looping in developers and collaborating with them right from the support ticket. This helps ensure that you don't deliver unpleasant experiences to customers. 

To get detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set up the integration, head over to this solution article.