Does Freshdesk integrate with MailChimp?

Yes, you can easily integrate your Freshdesk account with MailChimp. Integrating your customer service software with a marketing automation tool like Mailchimp will help your support team and other customer-facing functions gather leads, segment your customer base based on behaviour, assign them to specific lists, and create targeted campaigns to drive engagement.

For instance, the details of a prospect who reached out for a pricing enquiry would be recorded on Freshdesk, and could then be added to a lead nurturing email list on MailChimp. Similarly, using contact capturing rules from Freshdesk, existing customers can be funneled into personalized MailChimp email campaigns based on their behavior--all from within Freshdesk.

How does the Freshdesk-MailChimp integration add value to your business and customers?

Send bulk emails for common customer notifications

Set up email campaigns for common instances such as product updates, feature releases, and downtime communications. Track the campaign analytics to identify customers who have opened, clicked on, or responded to a mail, and create nurture journeys based on their actions, to move them towards a purchase decision.

Onboard customers into specific mailing lists

Integrating Freshdesk and Mailchimp allows your support team to drive customer action based on customer information recorded within the helpdesk, including product preferences, transaction history, and support conversations. This can further help you create targeted lists, curate personalized offers for these lists, identify common issues to be addressed in a list, prioritize most valuable customers, and more.

Experiment and review marketing campaigns

The MailChimp integration with Freshdesk bridges customer context with campaign analytics to reveal how customers responded to campaigns as an overview and also individually. There are many ways in which to leverage this data, including inventory management, account handling, and measuring marketing efforts.

Create triggers and corresponding actions

Imagine one of your customers changed his or her subscription plan to a higher slab. Now as this contact’s subscription status is updated on Freshdesk, it can be used as a trigger to add the customer to the corresponding mailing list or marketing campaign on MailChimp. Similar rules can be set up for internal use-cases such as triggering email for specific ticket types (say billing-related), changes in ticket status changes, added notes within a ticket, to name a few.

Bridge the gap between customer support and proactive marketing with the Freshdesk-MailChimp integration

Here’s a look at how the Freshdesk-MailChimp integration makes customer service and marketing functions leverage each other for improved results.

Access campaign engagement details from the contact page

Track each customer’s engagement with previous campaigns, and see all email lists they are a part of, from the Mailchimp widget, available within their customer profiles on Freshdesk. This makes it easy for agents to get complete context about the customer.

freshdesk mailchimp campaign details

Track customer activity on emails

The MailChimp widget on the contact page also shows how the customer responded to previous emails. This information can be further used to study customer behavior, based on which you can set up email triggers for fresh marketing campaigns. 

freshdesk mailchimp customer tracking

Have complete control over mailing lists

Add or remove customers from any mailing list according to their contact status, interactions, and behavior with email campaigns.

freshdesk mailchimp mailing list

To find out more about the Freshdesk - MailChimp integration, check out this support article.