How does the Freshdesk-Opinyin integration help you measure and improve your customer experience?

If you value feedback from your customers, then Opinyin’s integration is for you.  Instantly empower your team with next-level customer experience measurement, all from inside Freshdesk. 

Offering affordable and effortless capture of CSAT, NPS®, or CES scores paired with our advanced A.I. to analyze all the customer feedback you do not have time to read.  Take the trial to see the value in what matters most to your customers.

What are the features of the Freshdesk-Opinyin integration?

Expect to be up and running in under 40 minutes with no credit card required! The Opinyin integration is seamless, so you or your customer data never leaves Freshdesk.


Extend Freshdesk with the survey functionality you need to maximize response rates, build loyalty and create advocates.

Quick start templates included:

NPS® - Net Promotor Score
CES – Customer Effort Score
CSAT – Customer Satisfaction

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With surveys customised to your brand, make engagement with your customers completely seamless. Fully responsive, multi-question, web-based surveys that display beautifully on browser, tablet and mobile.

freshdesk opinyin integration freshdesk opinyin integration


Automatically understand how your customers feel in real-time, just like you have read through all the feedback without having to do so. 

Every response linked to the related ticket in Freshdesk allows automatic re-opening of closed tickets based on responses.

freshdesk opinyin integration freshdesk opinyin integration


No hidden costs, set-up, or training. Every user gets Opinyin Customer Feedback Analysis A.I. to give them insights from day one and at no extra cost.

See what matters to your customers with the top 10 pain and pleasure points that relate to their experience. 

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Strengthen your data protection shield as all Opinyin surveys are configured to run completely in Freshdesk, so your customers' personal data never leaves your Freshdesk platform, and your data protection risk is reduced.

freshdesk opinyin integration freshdesk opinyin integration

Trusted by customer-first companies to build loyalty and create advocates

Discover more features with a free trial

Dashboard: Monitor what matters to your customers in an easy-to-use CX dashboard that is accessible by all Agents enhancing their ability to collaborate on delivering excellent CX. 

Automation: Driven by automated or manual requests for feedback.

Branded design - Design surveys to match your brand.

Native integration – See responses shown within the native Freshdesk tickets.

Re-open rules - Define ticket re-opening rules to ensure customers are heard.

Best time of day - Set invitations to send at the best time for your customers and their time zones

Social publishing - Share positive responses on social platforms (with customer permission).

Advanced customisation - Custom matching specific surveys to ticket types and categories.

Find step-by-step instructions on how to get started with the Freshdesk-Opinyin integration.