Why should a helpdesk integrate with a team collaboration software?

Cross-team collaboration should not be siloed

More often than not, your support team requires the help of other teams to resolve a customer problem in its entirety. For example, refund requests will require collaboration with the finance team, a bug report will have to be forwarded to the engineering team, and so on.

In such a collaborative setup, it goes without saying that communication through a unified channel is critical. If these conversations are spread across multiple tools like email, instant messengers, and other such channels, it will only delay resolution and result in unhappy customers.

Your support team needs a more efficient way to stay connected

With more and more support teams going remote, communication becomes a critical factor in a team’s success. To make the exchange of information between teams as smooth as possible, the integration between a helpdesk and a team collaboration software becomes essential. When ticket updates from your helpdesk flow seamlessly into your team collaboration tool, it makes the entire process more efficient and helps cut down on excessive back and forth.

How does the Freshdesk-Slack integration work?

Slack’s widely successful team-messaging service works effortlessly with Freshdesk to ensure there’s no communication gap between teams. Here’s a look at the working and specifics of the Freshdesk-Slack integration.

Get instant, automated ticket notifications on Slack

Every time there’s a new ticket on Freshdesk or if there’s an update to an existing ticket, the relevant public or private channels on Slack can be notified automatically. For example, you can notify your product management team's Slack channel with a real-time update whenever a customer reports a bug. This way, all the concerned stakeholders are looped in at every step of the way, and they can take actionable measures to ensure customers are never left waiting for too long.

Freshdesk Slack automatic notifications Freshdesk Slack automatic notifications

Avoid back and forth switching between tools and improve agent productivity

If you connect Freshdesk and Slack, your support agents can stay on top of their ticket queue without having to leave Slack.  They will get notifications about ticket upates in Slack with all the necessary details such as the ticket content, the customer email, and the ticket priority. Agents can edit or add notes to these tickets, or reply to customers directly from Slack. This ensures that immediate action is taken without having to switch needlessly between tools. Agents can also quickly navigate to the Home tab to view the most recent and pending tickets assigned to them.

Agent productivity in Slack Agent productivity in Slack

Collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams on Slack

By hitting the 'Collaborate' button on a ticket notification, Slack users can collaborate effortlessly on a ticket right inside Slack. They can participate in discussions and leave private notes without having to open the ticket in Freshdesk. The replies on Slack get automatically synced to the respective Freshdesk account, and can be viewed inside the ticket thread in real time. Contextual collboaration, therefore, becomes a breeze with the Freshdesk-Slack integration.

Collaboration in Slack Collaboration in Slack

For a detailed tutorial on how to use the Freshdesk-Slack integration, check out this solution document.