Does Stripe integrate with Freshdesk?

Yes! Stripe integration is now possible with Freshdesk via ChargeDesk, a workflow automation tool that enables integration with billing software. It takes barely a few minutes to connect ChargeDesk to Stripe and integrate it with Freshdesk. You can instantly find the Stripe payment information associated with a Freshdesk customer through tickets.


What are the benefits of integrating Stripe with Freshdesk?

Get customer subscription information instantly

When customers reach out to support to resolve their payment issues, they want a quick and hassle-free resolution. Responding to these customer inquiries requires complete context about their existing plans and other payment-related requests.

With this integration, you can find all the Stripe billing and subscription information about the customer within the Freshdesk tickets, instead of wasting time and effort in switching between tools.

Process payments and subscription plans from Freshdesk

The Stripe integration with Freshdesk truly acts as a single interface where you can make quick decisions on payments, and act on them. This lets you avoid chargeback in case of a dispute, by giving you an opportunity to get in touch with the customer for an amicable solution. 

It also improves productivity by letting your support agents upgrade plans, process refunds, cancel subscriptions, and much more - all from within your helpdesk.

How does the Freshdesk-Stripe integration work?

Fetch your customer billing history

Offer proactive support by readily accessing the complete purchase or subscription history of customers while responding to their queries.

Freshdesk Stripe ticket history

Authorize and edit payments and subscriptions

Make changes to customers’ plans and payment information quickly and securely. Process refunds, add coupons, and make changes to existing subscriptions from Freshdesk.

Personalize your support with reminders and billing portals

You can also create custom pages with billing support as soon as a customer makes a payment. Sending reminders and email receipts with just a few clicks is also possible with this integration.