How can businesses benefit from this integration?

With more businesses having moved to an online or hybrid model than ever, combining a modern, omnichannel support solution with your online store enables you to exceed customer expectations and increase brand loyalty. E-commerce or hybrid businesses can leverage the Freshdesk and WooCommerce integration to provide an experience that combines seamless e-store design with quick and contextual support. 

How does this integration work?

Connect your WooCommerce store and action customer requests instantly, and with full access to account and order information within Freshdesk.
Here’s a look at the working and key features of this integration.

Enhanced customer experience

The integration helps customers quickly create tickets related to an order, and view a list of active tickets, directly on the “My Account” screen on WooCommerce. You can also create forum and solution center categories for each of your WooCommerce products for a better customer experience.

Freshdesk Woo Commerce Tickets

Improved overall management

Enhance business operations by creating new tickets when viewing an order, as well as from a blog post comment, directly from the WordPress admin view. Organize your inventory better by connecting and synchronizing products with forum and solution categories within your Freshdesk interface.

Freshdesk Woo Commerce Order Management

A complete solution

Freshdesk contains multiple solution interfaces, including a ticketing system, discussion forums, and knowledgebase. The integration connects WooCommerce seamlessly with each such section, ensuring uninterrupted creation of forum and solution center categories, as well as helping your customers to create tickets without having to leave your store.

Freshdesk WooCommerce Solution

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