How does Freshdesk improve customer experience on WordPress?

If you’re using WordPress to host your website, you need to provide an easy way for customers to reach out to you and find answers to frequently asked questions. However, instead of simply adding yet another channel for your support team to manage, you need to ensure they’re able to handle all customer conversations, including those from WordPress, without having to switch back and forth between multiple tools.

Freshdesk is an omnichannel customer service software that brings all your customer conversations into one place - be it email, phone, live chat, social media or WordPress. By integrating WordPress with Freshdesk, you can make life easier for your customers by embedding an easily accessible and branded contact form that catches their attention. You can also help your support team by automatically converting new comments into tickets that they can monitor and reply to instantly.

With the Freshdesk-WordPress integration, you can:

Embed a branded contact form on your WordPress site

With the Freshdesk help widget, you can embed a customizable contact form on your website. Customers can ask questions, contribute ideas and suggestions, and even attach relevant screenshots when they reach out to you via the form. These requests will come in as tickets into your Freshdesk account.

WordPress contact form

Show FAQs using the help widget

The help widget can also be set up to display relevant solution articles from Freshdesk that answer frequently asked questions from your customers. Your customers can therefore easily find answers on their own without having to contact your team. This feature can be really handy if your team gets a lot of repetitive how-to questions.

WordPress FAQ

Convert WordPress comments into tickets

When you receive comments on WordPress, your agents do not have to manually convert individual comments into support tickets. Freshdesk takes care of this for you. By installing the Freshdesk plugin on WordPress, all WordPress comments are automatically converted into tickets. Along with WordPress comments, your team can respond to emails, tweets, and chats from within Freshdesk.

WordPress comments

Allow users to login to the support portal via SSO

You can enable customers to securely login to your support portal using their WordPress accounts with single sign-on (SSO). For instance, premium customers who need to view restricted solution articles can easily access them on your Freshdesk portal using their WordPress credentials. This saves them the hassle of creating multiple login IDs and improves their user experience.

WordPress SSO

Connect Freshdesk and WordPress in 3 simple steps

1. Install the Freshdesk plugin on WordPress

Search for the official Freshdesk plugin on WordPress and install it.

2. Activate it from the list of plugins in your account

After installation, activate the plugin in your WordPress account. After you activate it, you will find a Freshdesk menu in your WordPress sidebar.

3. Choose and enable the features you require

You can use the options on the settings page to embed the help widget on your website, convert WordPress comments into tickets, or enable login via SSO.

Find step-by-step instructions on how to get started with the Freshdesk-WordPress plugin.