Get state-of-the-art Reporting and Analytics capabilities

Create reports from the ground up

Get all reporting functionalities in a single page, create reports from the ground up by dragging and dropping the required widgets. Get advanced drill-downs without having to navigate back and forth between multiple widgets to get insights.


Monitor key support quality metrics

Use advanced statistical metrics to understand your support quality. Get access to enhanced forecast business reports to predict key levers of support quality. Benchmark performances and compare data to understand agent performance.


Export data in the required format

Get quick and accurate insights and get scheduled reports to understand your support metrics. Export raw data in different formats as needed to make data-driven decisions.

Get insights faster with these features

self service
Self-service platform

Feature-rich dashboards make it easy for you to build widgets from scratch

seamless integrations
Seamless integration

Sign in with Single Sign-On and access Analytics without interruption

responsive ui
Responsive design

A modern and Intuitive design gives you consistency across all devices

dashboards 1
Centralized dashboard

Dynamic dashboards to filter and drill down data, and track key KPIs