Route tickets to the right teams

Categorize and direct incoming tickets to the right teams using Freshdesk’s business rules. Save time and resources by not having to manually forward tickets when they come in.

route tickets to the right teams 2x

Assign tickets based on turn

Distribute the assignment of tickets equally among agents in a group using round robin ticket assignment. Help agents resolve their tickets faster without having to pick up tickets manually.

assign tickets based on turn 2x

Balance agent workload

Use load balanced ticket assignment to assign tickets to agents automatically based on how much they already have on their plate and make sure none of your agents are overwhelmed.

allot tickets by experience and skill 2x

Allot tickets by experience and skill

Assign tickets to the right agents based on the required skillsets and expertise. Skill based ticket assignment lets you route tickets to the agents best equipped to deal with each issue.

allot tickets by experience and skill 2x

Work together, resolve faster

Collaborative customer support

Get help from experts across your company to resolve customer issues faster.

Avoid duplication of efforts

Detect and avoid multiple agents duplicating work on the same support ticket.

Track agent availability

See agent availability in real-time to optimize for individual workload and performance.