What is an FAQ Page?

An FAQ page is a page on your website that enables customers to easily find solutions to frequently asked questions, instead of having to reach out to your customer service team. 

According to the latest Freshworks survey in the US, 78% of leaders are investing more in self-service, to enable customers to find answers to their questions using FAQ pages, self-help portals, and AI-powered chatbots. This is because even before your customers reach out to you regarding a refund, return policy, or estimated delivery date for a recent purchase, they prefer finding answers to these questions themselves. A Freshworks study also reported that 76% of consumers globally prefer to first try to solve issues on their own before contacting support. Why? Because your customers want instant answers to basic questions without having to wait for support agents.

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Why do you need an FAQ Page?

Is it really important to have an FAQ page? Yes. The presence of an FAQ page not only improves your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score but also promotes agent productivity since it eliminates the need for your customer support reps to answer simple questions time and again. Your support team can then focus on solving more complex problems instead. 

Here are the primary reasons for you to deploy an FAQ page or an FAQ section:

1. Enhanced user experience:

Your customers hate waiting. If you have an FAQ page, your customers can just type in their query on the search bar and escape the hassle of finding the support team contact details via your contact page or reaching out to you via social media, chat, or email. The presence of an effective FAQ page helps enhance the user experience, reduces churn, improves CSAT scores by preventing customer complaints, and further attracts potential customers. Remember, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also plays a pivotal role in the visibility of your FAQ page. Customers instinctively type in a query on a search engine to learn more about your product or service. Make sure you build a well-curated FAQ page to bridge the gap between your brand and your customers. The FAQ page can even be embedded within the footer of your website, be present as a separate FAQ section or customer portal, or a help widget that appears in the corner of your website. An FAQ page is an additional resource that enables customers to find information about your product, services, policies, and customer service.

2. Improved agent productivity:

Your agents need to be focusing on solving critical issues that need human intervention. Imagine your agents being drowned with simple questions that could have been answered by AI-powered chatbots or FAQ pages. As a result, your support team might be overworked and may miss out on complex queries that need to be urgently attended to. A good FAQ page is a win-win for your customers and your support agents. Customers find instant answers to their questions without involving agents who can instead attend to more complicated issues. Remember, FAQ sections are not just designed for customers but for agent support as well. You might need to deploy an internal FAQ page for your support team, enabling them to work efficiently and handle customer queries better. Some issues might be too complex for agents to handle individually, and an internal FAQ page might redirect them to updated information, recommended next steps, or even the right team they will need to collaborate with to find a solution.

FAQ Pages can also act as internal repositories populated by agents themselves, to describe fixes or offer solutions to a similar problem encountered by an agent in the past, decreasing the resolution time so your support team can keep going.

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Is an FAQ Page the same as a knowledge base?


A knowledge base is an information repository that can be accessed by customers and employees to find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to a product or service. It supports solutions in multiple formats like articles, FAQ pages, product manuals, tutorials, support manuals, videos, troubleshooting guides, and community forums.

An FAQ Page is not the same as a knowledge base but an integral part of the knowledge base architecture. Trying to craft a successful customer experience strategy? Make self-service your first line of defense. Let's get you started.

Creating a great FAQ Page


Once you understand the difference between a knowledge base and an FAQ page, you're set to create one. You may choose from a myriad of options on how you make your FAQs available to your existing users or potential customers but first answer some questions yourself. Would it be easy to spot the FAQ section at the top of the page? Should you add search functionality to facilitate user experience? Would your users find it easier to scroll through questions from a dropdown menu? Don't you worry, we are here to help you get inspired with a few examples by some of our customers.


5 FAQ Page examples and templates you don’t want to miss


(1) HP

Hewlett Packard or HP, the global information technology enterprise has found a way to keep its customers free of worries around hardware, software, or any service issues.

hp support hp support

From a search bar that gives you the freedom to type in a question and get an answer to the finely categorized sections, HP Support Portal offers you all the possible resources, you might need. You simply get to the Support Portal only to find clickable links that redirect you to a page that highlights not just frequently asked questions but useful links, training materials, news, and updates.


(2) Linnworks

Linnworks, an eCommerce platform helps online retailers connect, manage and automate key processes, reduce the cost of operation, and power businesses to sell no matter where their customers are. Linnworks understands that FAQs might not be enough to support online retailers. From the seamless navigation through support articles and common questions, the retailers can find solutions to their business queries through webinars available on their support portal.

linnworks image 1 linnworks image 1


linnworks image 2 linnworks image 2


For any follow-up questions their customers might have, resources are documented under different categories. You click on the relevant category and you're redirected to a separate page that encompasses all the steps you need to take to activate the particular service/ feature. Talk about a comprehensive knowledge base and not just an FAQ page, Linnworks has got you covered.


(3) Hired

Hired, the AI-driven marketplace is here to offer employers and prospective employees absolutely every service they might need on their journey to hiring and getting hired.

hired support 2 hired support 2
hired support 1 hired support 1

Right from getting started with their profile on the portal to tips and tricks around securing the job offer, no matter what your role is during the hiring cycle, Hired acknowledges the fact that different sides of the table deserve different solutions. The support portal allows employers and candidates to get access to different FAQ pages. How cool is that! Of course, if you have a general question, you're a search away from your answer.


(4) Chargebee

Chargebee, a subscription billing and revenue management platform vouches to make customer journeys and transactions as seamless as possible. Community forums are the advanced  'type' of knowledge base where the questions are asked and answered by customers. With an active community forum, Chargebee customers are just a click away from answers to all their questions. In case they find themselves lost in the community and cannot seem to find answers, there's no waiting, they just need to start a new topic of discussion, login to the support portal, and be heard.

chargebee faq chargebee faq
chargee support chargee support

As you make your way down the homepage, Chargebee offers you assistance via Support portals and FAQ pages, leading the conversation to carefully identified questions that might reinstate your faith in the revenue management platform. With an AI-powered chatbot waiting to serve you as soon as you land on the FAQ page, you have nothing to worry about.


(5) Disney+Hotstar

Disney+Hotstar, the trending OTT platform, has been winning hearts by simplifying customer journeys and recommending the best of what they need.

hotstar support hotstar support
hotstar portal hotstar portal

Hotstar doesn't just suggest you trending content that might want to binge-watch but the top queries that you might want answers to. With a user-friendly support portal that not only assists you in finding answers to your queries but also gives you an overview of what you might find useful by categorizing its frequently asked questions under top categories that include subscription details and supported devices to the latest offers. Got an error code flashing across your device screen? Just type in the code and your solution would present itself. It's that easy!

Now that we have you inspired, you may want to put on your thinking hat to select the right template for your FAQ Page. You can choose to have the search bar to have customers type in questions and be redirected to answers to related questions instantly OR you may have the FAQs as a header on your primary navigation bar, making it easily accessible for your website visitors. How about deploying the FAQ section at the bottom of the page, where your users can scroll down to find additional resources as well.

How to find the right questions for your FAQ page?


You have the template, you have the knowledge, now is the time to focus on your customer journey. You can only understand what your customers need once you walk in their shoes. Support them with resources across various touchpoints they might encounter along their journey. One such resource is your FAQ page. You might be selling software, hosting an e-commerce site, or offering consultancy services, the first set of questions you may want to add to your FAQ page would originate from within your organization. 

Think like the customer

Once you put yourself in the customer's seat, you would get a sense of the first few questions you might have while availing services from your brand.

In-house teams to the rescue

Heard of the recent feature updates? Once you share product information with your customer facing teams, such as Sales and Support teams, request their input on new or frequent questions posed by customers. Their feedback is integral to your success in the market.

Let the customer lead

Once you have passed on the knowledge to your sales and support teams about your product and services, it's time for a quick demo to customers who might be interested. Are you releasing a new feature update? Talk to customers about queries they might need answers to even before the new release.

Support agents community

Your business is in full swing with a robust support team to cater to customer queries. Here, your agents become critical contributors to your FAQ page as they would be dealing with these same questions every day and can predict what customers are really searching for.

The more queries they resolve, the more they know about the common questions coming their way. You might also pick on key search terms from your SEO team so that your homepage or product page ranks better when your customer types in a related query on the search engine.

Always remember that your FAQ section would have to undergo constant iterations. You might need to update certain answers with information about new product releases or subscription policy changes, there might also be a need to add new questions as reported by your support team or the section might need to be optimized for SEO with key search terms. You may choose to do a periodic update or an ad-hoc edit, based on your business needs. 

Now that you are on your way to ace your newly crafted customer experience strategy with your own FAQ page, click here to learn how you can embed your self-service widget on Shopify.

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