Create helpful guides easily

Use rich text editors in free knowledge base software with attachment support, so you can write answers to frequently asked questions. Build a database of solutions to common problems and create tutorials so your customers can solve their own problems.

Share your knowledge better

Make your team’s technical know-how easily accessible to customers. Use meta information to optimize your knowledge base articles for maximum discovery. With our automatic indexing feature, your answers will show up at the top of search results quickly.

Cater to a global audience

Offer help in the language in which it is needed. Provide translations of solution articles and manage them better in your helpdesk with language-specific tags to help your customers understand your solutions easily.

Knowledge base management made easier

Display only relevant answers

The best knowledge base management software let you maintain separate knowledge bases with articles relevant to customers and internal articles for agents, by controlling the visibility of your content. Make sure your knowledge base is easy to navigate so your readers aren’t overwhelmed.

Convert email answers to solutions

Do you write extensive explanations on email? Reuse them as solution articles. With a knowledge base software like Freshdesk, you can easily convert agent responses to solution articles with only a few clicks.

Analyze and Improve Faster

Gain insights into what your customers are searching for. Track how your knowledge base is being used and make sure you have the write content available for customers to use and fix their problems.

Customize as you see fit

The best knowledge base software let you customize it, so it is a reflection of your brand to reassure customers when they come in search of answers. Change colors, add logos, make design modifications as you see fit for a seamless customer experience.

How can a Knowledge Base software help my business?

Reduce the questions coming in

With answers available upfront via a knowledge base, your customers will solve problems themselves reducing the number of tickets you have to answer.

Increase Agent Efficiency

The best knowledge base is comprehensive enough to handle all the easy repetitive questions so your agents can focus more on solving the tough problems.

Shorten customer wait times

Instead of waiting for an agent's answer, a good self-service portal ensures customers are deflected to the right solutions when they ask a question.