Unchain yourself from your support desk

Why should you be attached to a support desk to deliver happiness to customers? Access the full power of a helpdesk from anywhere you go with Freshdesk Mobile apps.

Swipe to wipe tickets off your queue

Swipe right on the tickets in your queue and access quick actions “Delete”, “Spam”, “Pickup” or “Close” with one tap. Manage your tickets more easily.  

Stop typing and
start supporting

Typing long responses on tiny touch-screens can get tiring. With canned responses and solution articles a tap away, save yourself some pain without compromising on the quality of your responses.

Customer support made more mobile

Mobile dashboard

View tickets that are pending, overdue, or unassigned on a single dashboard, and use filters to customize which tickets you see.

Share tickets instantly

Share tickets to other tools such as Trello, Asana or Hangouts right from your phone using the options available in the ticket menu.

Agent collision alerts

Avoid conflicts and multiple responses by receiving warnings when someone else is working on the same ticket as you are.

Access customer information

Check and edit information about your customers - including location, phone numbers and notes - to get better context as you’re working on tickets.

Time tracking

Record time entries, access timesheets, mark billable hours and keep track of the work you do from your phone.

Email Customers Proactively

Communicate solutions to customers or share information proactively to avoid tickets via the “New Email” feature.