Scaling support made easier

Your customer support will always be defined by the agents you have, the answers you provide, and the speed with which you deliver.

How do you hire the right agents for your team? And how can you provide answers faster? A lot of businesses fumble when trying to scale their support teams. That’s why we created the Freshdesk Guide for Scaling Customer Support. Available early exclusively through our Support 101 series, subscribe now to find out how you can grow your team while retaining your culture.

Some videos to get you started

Tips for writing better support emails

What makes a support email good? How do you make support personal,  empathetic, and wow customers with your support when your only form of contact with them is a block of text on a screen? This video talks about some of the basics of support emails and how to improve them. 


Supporting on
Social Media

Supporting on social media tends to be a high risk-high reward scenario. It is vastly different from email support since responses tend to be faster, more reactive and you will be representing your brand publicly. Because of the high risk involved, you need to handle social media support right and here are some tips to do that. 


Saying 'No' in
customer service

Saying 'No' to customers will be one of the hardest things you'll be doing as a support agent. But having say 'No' doesn't necessarily mean you have to disappoint them. The Support 101 series will be exploring saying 'No' to customers and handling difficult conversations in detail over the next few weeks too. But for now, here's a video with some tips for you to get started.


The guide you need to grow your support

On Hiring

What are the skills that separate a good agent from the bad ones? How do you separate a good manager from good agent? This section tells you how to hire better agents.

On Training

What makes a support experience memorable? How do you train agents to create such experiences consistently? This section will help you train agents better.

On Self-Service

Over 75% of respondents in a Forrester survey just want DIY tutorials and the freedom to fix problems themselves. So how do you build a good knowledge base? This section on self-service will get you started.