Top reasons why businesses choose Freshdesk over Zendesk

Easy-to-use interface

Zendesk lacks intuitiveness, time-saving features, and forces you to build and configure rules that should be as simple as a checklist of configurable options — thus making poor use of your time. Freshdesk offers an agent- and admin-friendly interface that supports you in onboarding agents faster and empowers you to spend less time on admin work and more time focussing on your business goals.

Feature-rich helpdesk

Compared to Zendesk, agents on Freshdesk get things done 3x faster and make 121 fewer clicks per day using features like thank you detector, summary app, quick actions, etc. Freshdesk also makes it easier for you to set up and scale with the help of AI-powered ticketing, advanced automation, custom reporting, a sandbox, and more. Whereas in Zendesk, the above features are cumbersome and often cost extra.

AI-powered bot functionalities

Zendesk's chatbots are limited question/answer bots that do not learn over time; advanced chatbots are only available through expensive 3rd parties and create integration challenges. Freshdesk comes with an in-built premium chatbot (powered by Freddy AI) that's easy to configure, deploy, and maintain without depending on developers or third-party solutions. Customers routinely deflect 40-80% of queries using Freshdesk's bots.

Affordable pricing and higher ROI

Zendesk is extraordinarily more expensive and requires users to fall back on numerous add-ons or third-party apps for necessary support features. Freshdesk offers fair and transparent pricing and has plans for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, with in-built AI-powered automation, Freshdesk helps you get more done without increasing your agent headcount or support costs. Agents save about 1.2 hours in routine tasks on average using Freshdesk.

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Customer spotlights

50,000+ companies worldwide delight their customers using Freshdesk

e v e v

Engel & Völkers AG, a German-based multinational real estate company, achieves an average response time of 13 seconds with Freshdesk.

phonepe logo phonepe logo

PhonePe, India’s largest digital payments platform, resolves 80% of its support queries without human intervention using Freshdesk.

hamleys logo hamleys logo

Hamleys, one of the world's largest toy retailers, boosts agent morale and sees a 50% reduction in support costs with Freshdesk.

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