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Support, now simplified

Support, now simplified

Conversations made easier

Streamline your support channels - Email, Phone, Chat and more - so you can respond to all your customers from just one place

Answers made available faster

Let your customers get the answers they are looking for, irrespective of when and where they are.

Insights made more accessible

Use Freshdesk’s built-in reports to track team performance, customer satisfaction and identify your biggest bottlenecks.

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More reasons to choose Freshdesk

Support made more automatic

Answer Bot delivers instant and precise answers to your customer's questions resulting in faster resolutions and happier customers. 

Collaborations made stronger

Invite anyone - agents, colleagues, or external business partners - to discuss and solve tickets through Freshconnect.

Built on an enterprise-grade foundation

The Freshworks platform is hosted on AWS and follows robust standards and security frameworks to deliver a secure solution for your business.

Information Security Compliance Certifications

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