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It’s just unbelievable, the number of things your app users have to do to get in touch with you. They have to stop catapulting birds, pull out their laptop and create new login credentials just to raise a support ticket! Terrible. This is especially aggravating considering how difficult it is compared to just going to the App Store, giving your app a 1 star rating and moving on to the next app that meets their requirements.

Well...not anymore! With Freshdesk’s Mobihelp, your users can give feedback, strike a conversation with your support and get every little "how-to" right from within your app.

Airplanes have black boxes. Your app has Mobihelp.

When there are so many fun things to do, no one wants to take the time out to report bugs or explain themselves to a support guy. Especially if they have to answer a lot of questions to do so. They’d much rather just uninstall your app and forget the whole thing ever happened.

Spare your users the technical mumbo-jumbo and find out what happened, without actually asking for info, with Mobihelp. Every time a ticket's created, Mobihelp records all the context you will ever need - including device name, operating system, app version etc. and adds them to your conversation automatically.

Beta test your way to stardom

If you've just launched your app in beta, product hunters are probably dying to give you feedback and new ideas on what you should be doing next. With Mobihelp, you can engage with them, learn about their problems, and build out features that actually matter as you inch closer to launch.  

The best part is that Mobihelp also automatically collects contextual information about your app - device logs, breadcrumbs, app versions etc. so that you have everything that you'll ever need to fix bugs, without asking your users a single question. 

Get Mobihelp for free, and take your mobile app to the next level.

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