Stay on top of tickets from anywhere

You don’t want to lose sight of tickets and questions coming your way when you’re away from your desktop. You want to get the full picture!

With Freshdesk’s mobile apps, you can get instant push notifications for new tickets, tickets assigned to you and responses from customers. You can even toggle these notifications just the way you want them - if you don’t want to be alerted by status updates, for instance, you can turn them off.

Automatic ticket dispatch to speed up your support
Respond in three taps

Your customers shouldn’t have to wait for answers till you come back to your desktop.

Respond to customers any time, from anywhere with the mobile app. The size of your screen won’t have any bearing on the crispness or accuracy of your answer --- we’ve got canned responses and solution articles to cover you! You can also add notes when you want to collaborate with your team, or forward conversations to third parties when you need additional help.

Do a lot more

As a support rep, there’s a lot of housekeeping you need to do behind the scenes to continue delivering great customer service.

The mobile apps help you accomplish all of that on the go. Assigning tickets to agents, changing a ticket’s status, priority or other properties - all of that is a breeze in the app. And that’s not all - you can merge tickets, close them, execute scenarios, change due dates and do a lot more without ever having to go to your desktop.

Take your call center with you

There’s only so much hold music your customers can handle. When you’re moving between devices, you don’t want to miss calls from customers or keep them waiting forever!

With the Freshdesk mobile apps you can stay connected, make and receive calls from customers any time, anywhere in the world. If you’d like, you can even transfer calls to other agents. And if you’ve got Twitter integrated with your account, you can convert tweets to tickets and check on streams to track how it’s going on social anytime.


Get a summary of what matters - your own tickets that are pending today, overdue, or the unassigned ones in your helpdesk


View and edit information about your customers, including location, phone numbers and notes right when you’re working on tickets for context


Share tickets instantly from the Freshdesk app to Trello, Hangouts, Asana or any other app you’ve got installed to collaborate with your team


Record time entries, access time sheets, mark billable hours and keep track of the work you do from your phone


Avoid conflicts and multiple responses by receiving warnings when someone else is working on the same ticket as you are


Voice search, app shortcuts, quick access to recently viewed tickets, and more to help you stay productive and win customer love on-the-go.

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