Start engaging in real-time, right from your helpdesk!

No matter how hard you try to make it personal, email support can only go so far in showing customers that you care about them. Not to mention if you don’t pay enough attention, one forgotten reply to an email could leave one of your biggest customers frustrated. If only there was a way for you to switch between email and chat, and respond to your customers without losing track...

Freshdesk’s integrated live-chat solution lets you make customers happy in real-time, build meaningful relationships and give them prompt, concise answers when they need them the most. You can also engage website visitors proactively, and get the conversation going even before they say a word. The best part is, the live chat solution works seamlessly with your helpdesk - no set-up or integration required.

Automatically route chats and transfer to the right agents

Streamline your chat process and make it more efficient by automatically routing chats to the right division in your team. Looking to go one step further? Add a pre-chat form to your chat widget to trigger workflow automations based on information from the customer. This way, you save them a world of hassle and also get your tickets organized properly in your helpdesk. 

While you are in conversation, if you need help with a specific kind of issue, you can transfer chats manually to another agent in your team. You can also simultaneously consult with the other experts in your team by having a private agent-to-agent chat.

Have the right context, no matter where your customers are

With Freshdesk, your customers can start talking to your support team immediately - right from your website, your support portal, your web application, even using their smartphone, no matter where they are.

It’s not just that. Before you even accept a chat conversation, Freshdesk gives you contextual information about the customer - everything from who they are, where they’re located to what page they’re currently viewing. You can even view a history of all their previous conversations anytime during your chat. And at the end of the month, Freshdesk’s chat reports will make sure you have all the insightful metrics you need.

Convert chats to tickets

At the end of every chat conversation, convert the transcript into a ticket with a click of a button. This will help keep a tab of every chat conversation.

Chat with other agents

Quickly ping a team member with a question or comment without leaving the helpdesk.This is also a great way to same page with your team.

Set chat availability

Set when your agents will be available to accept chats.When your agents are unavailable, you can hide the chat window or accept a message.

Unlimited chat history

All your chat conversations belong to you. Search and pull up any chat conversation as and when you need it.

Initiate chats proactively

Initiate chat conversations proactively with visitors on your website. Jump in and start a conversation and iron out any issues even before they arise

Monitor your chat with reports

Get a bird’s eye view of the Live Chat channel with reports.The insights help you improve your chat strategy.

But wait, there's more. It's not just all about your chat conversations. With Freshdesk, you can manage your support threads from across channels in one place - whether it’s over chat, through email, or from your feedback widget, all from a single helpdesk. Learn more about providing multi-channel support

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