Your business call center is now inside Freshdesk

The phone channel for Freshdesk powered by Freshcaller brings all the functionality of a powerful call centre right inside your helpdesk. Maximise agent productivity without having to juggle between tools with comprehensive features that let you manage phone calls from customers effortlessly.

Handle phone calls from within Freshdesk

Incoming call notifications pop up right inside your helpdesk, so you can accept and take calls easily. You can also use the phone widget on the bottom left to make calls.

Convert calls into tickets

You can automatically convert your voicemails and missed calls into tickets. You can also choose to create tickets for calls you take, or add the calls to existing tickets.

Always engage in contextual conversations

Retain context about customers and issues by having access to entire customer interaction history and all previous tickets and notes right where you need them.

Call center capabilities powered by Freshcaller

IVR Routing

Set up your own custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to help callers easily navigate options in your call center and reach the right agent or team.

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Call Masking

Protect the identity of callers by generating temporary numbers with call masking that is well suited for both your incoming and outgoing calls.

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Business Hours Based Routing

With your phone teams distributed across different time zones, a time-based routing rule helps you run a truly global call center.

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Call Monitoring and Barging

Monitor calls to listen in on the agent-customer conversations and step in to provide assistance to agents when necessary.

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Call Conferencing

Collaborate with other agents by adding them to an ongoing call so you can prevent escalations and solve customer issues on the spot.

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After Call Work

Call center agents can focus on completing mandatory tasks and action items after every callbefore becoming available again.

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