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Standard Features

Pay only for the minutes

No hardware installation cost. No setting up charges. All features are available from the free plan. Buy a number and pay only for the calls.

Take and make calls anywhere

Make and take calls from your iOS and android apps. Forward incoming calls to your mobile number to take calls while away from your desk.

Completely on the cloud

You don't need physical phones. You can buy numbers, take and make calls, record calls and track them right inside your helpdesk.

Route calls using IVR

Set up Interactive Voice Response to let callers pick who they want to talk to. You can also buy different numbers for different agent groups.

Convert calls to tickets

Record every incoming and outgoing call and convert them into tickets. Add follow up calls about the same issue to existing tickets.

Easy to set up straight out of the box

Setting up Freshdesk's phone channel is fantastic. You just pick your number, agree to pay for it and you have a working telephone taking voice messages.

You can even upload well recorded greetings. Much, much better than fighting for forty minutes to get recordings to even test the system. Congratulations to the Freshdesk team on making the phone integration so easy to set up, straight out of the box.

Alec Kinnear
Creative Director, Foliovision
Your Phone Support Seamlessly Integrated With Other Channels

Freshdesk's built-in phone channel lets you set up a call center, that is closely integrated with the rest of your support channels, in a matter of minutes. The best part is that there is no hardware installation necessary. You can buy a local or a toll free number, plug in your headphones and start taking calls using your laptop (or mobile) right away. 

Customers expect businesses to know who they are and why they are calling you even before they say "hello". That's why we made sure that when a customer calls, on Freshdesk's phone channel, you can pull up not just their previous calls but also the emails, tweets or even chat messages the caller (or anybody in their company) sent you previously. This way, not only are agents prepared when they take up the calls, but customers also receive a smooth support experience.

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