Your business call center is now inside Freshdesk

Use Freshcaller to manage all the functionalities of a powerful call center right inside Freshdesk. Your agents can improve their productivity, as they no longer have to juggle between tools to handle customer conversations. With comprehensive features like Omniroute™, your agents can balance their workload across emails and calls.

Handle phone calls from within Freshdesk

By integrating Freshcaller with Freshdesk, you can get all incoming call notifications inside your helpdesk. This way, your support agents can handle calls and email tickets from one place. While on call, your agents can access the customer’s previous interactions in Freshdesk, enabling them to have contextual conversations. The phone widget lets agents make phone calls with a single click.

Convert calls into tickets

There might be times when you might miss calls from customers who contact you during non-business hours. In such cases, Freshdesk automatically converts these voicemails and missed calls into tickets, and agents can attend to them once they are back. Also, if a support query is not resolved over the call, your agents can convert them into a new ticket or append them to an existing one.

Convert call into ticket

Always engage in contextual conversations

You can choose to record customer calls and attach them to your tickets.  This way, you get a holistic view of the customer’s past interactions across calls and emails. With all this information on hand, you can have data-backed conversations and ensure your customers don’t have to repeat their queries on calls.R

contextual conversations

Call center capabilities powered by Freshcaller

IVR Routing

You can set up a custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to help customers navigate options and reach the right agent or team. This way, your first call resolution increases since support requests are addressed faster. 


Call Masking

Establish a local presence and personalize your helpline number with a regional contact number using the call masking feature. Customers can contact you easily when they are familiar with local or toll-free numbers.


Business Hours Based Routing

You can create custom business hours for your global support team to ensure all calls are being answered regardless of multiple time-zones. Incoming calls during non-business hours will be recorded as voicemails.

Call Monitoring and Barging

Monitor calls that your agents have with customers and step in to provide assistance to agents when necessary. This will help you improve First Call Resolution and the overall quality of your business call centre.

Call Conferencing

Your agents can handle complex issues by call conferencing instead of routing such calls to multiple members. With call conferencing, your agents can resolve even complicated issues over the call and prevent escalations.

After Call Work

After each call, agents can take time to add call notes and email customers with information or collect feedback. During this time, the agent will not be assigned calls or be disturbed, allowing them to deliver superior customer service.