After Call Work

Focus on Completing After Call Tasks

What is After Call Work?

Call center agents usually answer back to back calls from customers without spending time and addressing actions items from the previous call. As a result, agents sometimes miss out on following with the customer. After Call Work (ACW) in the phone channel gives agents a couple of minutes to add call notes, update ticket information, update the CRM tool, reach out to other teams to sought the customer issue or seek feedback, and email the customer with information on the action items.

When an agent is busy with ACW, the agent availability status will go from ongoing call to wrapping up. This indication helps call center admins or supervisor know the agent is on the job before getting ready for the next call.

What are the benefits of ACW?

ACW enables agents to be more hands-on and productive. Here are a few benefits:

1. Follow up on customer requests: Customers tend to have multiple requests or questions, or sometime all at the same time. With ACW, agents proactively document and follow up on the caller’s needs.
2. Be more productive: Agents can tick off action items after the call and not leave it for later.
3. Improves agent collaboration: Agents get to collaborate with other agents from multiple locations or teams to support the end customer.
4. Tackle customer issues in the future: Reduce ACW times in the future as agents get more familiar with addressing similar customer issues.

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