Call conferencing

Seamless Collaboration

What is call conferencing and call transfer?

Call centers have various end-user support teams to handle different types of customer enquiries. Agents are therefore expected to collaborate with other teams, agents, or employees to support customers. Call conferencing lets you add other agents to an ongoing call and have a multi-way conversation with the customer to address their request. 

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1. Increases first call resolution: Address every customer issue by looping other agents to the call in real-time

2. Prevent multiple call transfers: Solve customer issues without routing them to multiple agents, instead, add agents to the ongoing call

3. Enable great agent performance: Agents can learn problem solving and troubleshooting techniques from other agents to help tackle similar customers in the future

4. Manage customers on-the-go: Even if you are working remotely or on-the-go, you can still conference available agents from anywhere in the world

5. Improves agent collaboration:Agents get to collaborate with other agents from multiple locations or teams to support the end-customer

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