Call lifetime metrics

Call Performance Reporting

What is performance report ?

Performance reports let you differentiate between performing and non-performing parts of your phone support. It tracks all the key metrics reflecting the entire lifetime of the call. Admins can easily assess the performance of agents, your business processes, customer interactions at every stage of the call, and optimise them.The reports can be exported from your helpdesk in excel or csv format.

The key metrics tracked are:

1. IVR Time: How much time the call spent in IVR

2. Queue Time: For how long is the call placed in queue

3. Ringing Time: How long did the phone ring before an agent answered

4. Speed to Answer Time: How much time did the agent take to answer the call

5. Hold Time: Once the call is answered, how long is it put on hold

6. Talk Time: How long is the conversation

7. After Call Work Time: Once the call is disconnected, how much time did the agent spend wrapping up the call related work before becoming available again

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