Warm Transfer

Deliver a richer customer experience

What is warm transfer?

When customer calls are transferred to multiple call center agents, the customer is asked to repeat the reason why they called. To provide better customer experience, the phone channel in Freshdesk comes with a warm transfer function. This allows call center agents to provide enough context about the customer issue to other agents before transferring the customer call.

This ensures other agents talking to the same customer need not probe why the customer called in the first place.

What are the benefits of warm transfer?

When transferring customer calls to other agents using warm transfer, the agent and the customer both benefit with the following:
1. Get right to the customer issue: Instead of asking the customer issue over and over again, when calls are transferred using warm transfer, agents can directly get to the customer pain point. Customers are made aware their issue is taken seriously.
2. Better agent collaboration: Agents know who to transfer the call to and can provide the new agent with enough information about what the customer is looking for. This shows the customer that all your call center agents are in sync.
3. Seamless customer experience: Improve first call resolution by answering the customer issue on the spot. You also ensure that your business is providing a great customer experience at the same time.

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