IVR system

Route Calls Using IVR

What is a multi-level IVR?

The interactive voice response system (IVR) lets you route your customer calls to groups or agents from within your helpdesk with a customizable call flow mechanism. Every keypress can be configured to trigger an action to optimize your call flow. For example, you could have your customer calls forwarded to your Support team when they press 1, and to somebody from Sales when they press 2. Freshdesk also supports multi-level IVR, where customers can browse between different menus in the IVR system utilizing keypress configured to do the same. IVR prompts can be recorded and synced to your system by audio file upload, using text to speech capability or in built voice record feature.


1. Easy Call Routing: Connect callers to individuals agents, call queues, or locations within an organization, based on their selections from menus.

2. Multiple IVR Systems: You can configure each and every phone number separately and let it have it’s own set of customizations.

3. Set Service Levels: Set the maximum number of people on the queue and maximum waiting time for your customers. Once either of them are reached, a non-availability message will be played to your customers automatically.

4. Wait & Hold Music: Custom wait and hold music can be uploaded into the helpdesk through audio file uploads.

5. Voicemail: Customers can also leave behind messages for the support agents using the voicemail feature when they are unable to reach them during high call traffic.

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